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Melissa and Doug bench and playroom equipment

5 Ways to Revamp Your Kid’s Playroom

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Playrooms: Where order and organization go to die. Every time you walk in, it feels like you just cleaned and put everything away (because you did) and it’s already a complete mess again. Or suddenly the toys have found their way out of the playroom and into every single room of the house.

There has to be another way to do this, right?

Yes, mama, there is. Below are some of our favorite ways to revamp the kid’s playroom.

Change the Space

If you have a crawler or toddler, this might be a great option for you. A playroom doesn’t necessarily have to be a separate room closed off from the rest of the house.

For example, do you have a home with a formal dining room? Grab a baby gate or a dog gate that will fit the length of the open space and close it off. That way there’s still a designated space, but it’s open enough that you can put baby behind the gate and leave them to play while you take care of what you need to do.

Gate Option 1 | Gate Option 2

Consolidate the Toys

Sure, you can’t help it when family and friends overload your child with toys, but you can be intentional with what you buy for your little. Do your kids really need toys that involve hundreds of little pieces that make it impossible to clean up? We argue that no, they don’t.

If you have a tiny that can still be entertained endlessly with almost anything, consider putting a makeshift ball pit in your playroom.

Grab a kiddie pool and at least 1,000 small balls. (You may want to order small amounts at first to see how it looks and how much it fills up, and then order more.)

Or, if you have a room you know will be the kiddo’s playroom for years to come, consider buying some chalkboard paint for one of the walls. All they’ll need is chalk and a good place to store it, and voila—you have a toy that takes up a quarter of the room without actually using up too much space.

Ball Pit Option 1 | Ball Pit Option 2 | Ball Pit Option 3 | Play Balls | Chalkboard Paint

Change Up Your Storage

There’s never enough storage when it comes to toys. Sometimes that even extends to books. If your child loves books—but there isn’t room for a massive bookshelf—grab a few floating shelves to attach to the wall. Ikea has some great wall shelves that look super cute in a kid’s room.

Another way to revamp your storage is to find items that can pull double duty. For example, find a bench that opens for storage. Or find an ottoman that can double as a place to sit but hides the board games too. The possibilities are endless.

Ikea Floating Wall Shelves | Pottery Barn Floating Bookshelf | Storage Bench

Add a Sleeping Spot

We know how kids often become fussy when they hear it’s time for a nap—I mean, come on, Mom, it’s no fun to leave the playroom to go nap. But what if you could make naps fun and different?

Consider adding a teepee filled with cozy blankets and pillows they can get all snuggled up with. They’ll feel like they’re having an adventure at the same time.

Or add a hammock. There are few things more relaxing than a hammock—and that goes for any age.

Teepee Option 1 | Teepee Option 2 | Hammock Option 1 | Hammock Option 2 

Provide A Spot for Their Artwork

If your child enjoys painting or other arts and crafts, they also probably enjoy displaying their art. However, the fridge door only has so much room.

Use one of the walls as a place to display their art. Throw up a bulletin board, shelves, or your favorite backdrop with some magnets or pushpins so their art is visible for whoever walks through the door.

Bulletin Board | Cable Hanging System | Photo or Art Display

Turn Your Playroom Into an Indoor Park

Forget the usual toys and make the playroom a park! Get a Little Tikes slide, picnic table, maybe even some swings that can hang from the ceiling (most appropriate for younger kiddos due to weight limitations).

And if you’re really going all out—paint the walls so it actually looks like a park. Paint a blue sky with birds and a few trees and flowers scattered around. You’ll have a hard time getting them to leave their playroom with all of that to enjoy.

Little Tikes Climbers and Slides | Little Tikes Playhouses | Kiwi Co. Fort | Climbing Triangle

Have you recently revamped your kiddo’s playroom? Tell us how at editorial@dfwchild.com.

Photo courtesy of Melissa & Doug.