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spanish vocabulary and language for kids

Spanish Language Learning Tools for Kids

5 fun ways your little one can learn a new language

It’s mid-September, which means the kickoff of Hispanic Heritage Month. From Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, Hispanic Americans are recognized for their contributions to heritage and culture. So, what better way to celebrate than with Spanish activities for kids? After all, in today’s world, being bilingual can be an incredibly beneficial asset. That’s why two Fort Worth-area moms and sisters, Alejandra Witherspoon and Paulina Sterrett, started Spanish Seeds, a monthly subscription box for learning Spanish.

“We live in a very diverse culture,” says Witherspoon, co-founder and mom of two. “In the DFW area, we are surrounded by the English language and the Spanish language. Being bilingual opens you up to communicate with more people, make more connections and have more experiences.” Not to mention, being bilingual can open your kids to more career choices down the road.

Each Spanish Seeds box has a theme and includes a bilingual book, bilingual vocabulary cards, an activity book and a game. “[It’s] developed with non-Spanish speaking parents in mind,” Witherspoon says. Also, both of the sisters’ daughters’ preschool classes have used the box, and the kids say they love the colorful cards. In other words, it’s totally kid-approved. “Learning a language is about immersion, and the more accessibility a child has to the language, the better,” Witherspoon says.

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More At-Home Resources

We asked the Spanish Seeds creators to give us their own recommendations on other at-home language activities for kids. Give these a try:

Whistlefritz in Spanish (DVDs)
“[These are] videos that teach Spanish using the immersion teaching method and recommended by language acquisition experts,” Witherspoon says.

Word Party in Spanish on Netflix
“Turning on SAP [second audio program] to Spanish audio, allows children to immerse [themselves] in the language. This can be done with any television show the child already enjoys watching,” Witherspoon says.

Lil Libros
“These are bilingual vocabulary based books that are vibrant, engaging and easy to read,” Witherspoon says.

“[Check out any] YouTube channel[s] with songs that teach vocabulary, colors and more. They are catchy and easy to remember,” Witherspoon says.

Article originally published in September 2020

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