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5 Must-Try, Reinvented Everyday Basics

who would've thought such simple updates would make such a big difference

There are some items we use each day that we’ve become numb to—items we turn to even though they aren’t the greatest in terms of efficiency or user-friendliness. As women, we all know how bras are designed and that they’re usually not the most comfortable, but we make do. We know we have to be careful when putting on pantyhose or tights because one day they’ll rip. But ladies, a new day has come. From collapsible water bottles and electric toothbrushes to unrippable (shhh, we’re making that a word) tights, we’ve found and tried some reinvented essentials that are changing the game.

Que Water Bottles

There are so many great things to say about this water bottle—where do we even start? One: It’s collapsible. This makes travel with a reusable water bottle a million times easier. No longer will you have to worry about carrying a heavy metal bottle or not knowing where to put it when it’s empty. Drink your water, collapse it and go. Two: It’s environmentally friendly—BPA free and 0% plastic. Three: It’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Four: It’s great for hot and cold liquids. Added bonuses: The bottles come in various colors and are wallet friendly.

$24.95 for the 20 oz.; $19.95 for the 12 oz. // quebottle.com

Orbitkey Key Ring,  Key Clip and Key Organizer

If you have a car (and most of us in Texas do), you have keys. If you have keys, you’ve had to deal with a key ring, and boy, are those things the worst. Sometimes they can be so hard to get keys on that you give up or break a nail in the process. But some great folks in Australia created a new way to get around all of that.

The Orbitkey Ring has an inner plastic ring that you pull down (slightly) and then turn until there’s an opening, so attaching and detaching your keys is effortless. It comes in four colors and is made with stainless steel—so even though it’s much easier to open and close, it’s durable.

You can also get the Orbitkey Clip, which comes with the ring and provides quick release to easily change out rings if needed. Think a carabineer, but sleek and stylish. It comes in three colors.

Finally, try out the Orbitkey Organizer. This baby is great for someone who has a ton of keys. The simple leather band allows for your keys to stay in a clean stack rather than just hanging out all over the place. It makes for carrying keys in your purse or your pocket a tad less bulky. The organizer comes in 10 colors in leather, five colors in Crazy Horse leather, four in nylon, five in the Active style and two in canvas.

Who would have thought that something so simple could make life so much easier?

Orbitkey Ring for $16.90; Orbitkey Clip for $42.90; prices vary by material for the Orbitkey Organizer // orbitkey.com

Sheertex Tights and Pantyhose

When we tell you these don’t rip, they really don’t rip. We tried, and tried, and tried. On top of them being virtually indestructible, they’re incredibly comfy. The waistband is wide and thick so they feel like some of our favorite yoga pants—you almost forget you’re wearing tights. Added plus: These come in so many options—short, regular, tall, sheer, opaque, shaping, polka dot… you get the picture. Also, they have various shades of nude from pale to dark tan.

Pro tip: Check out their size guide before ordering and look at the Can’t Decide Between 2 Sizes? and Can’t Decide Between 2 Heights? charts. We ordered one pair based on weight and could have gone down a size; these charts would have been helpful for us to look at prior to ordering.

$59 each for Classic, Shaping and Opaque; check pricing for other options // sheertex.com

Meer Bras

As mentioned above, bras can be the most difficult things to buy that work for everything you need while being comfortable. But Austin-based Meer figured it out. As the tagline says, “One bra. All day.” And it’s true. With fabric similar to a sports bra and the triangle shape of a bikini top (but one that actually covers and supports the girls), the Triangle bra can be worn to work, to workout and even to a night out. With other style options, the bras come in basic sizes of extra small to extra large, and the bands allow for adjustment to get just the right size. They’re also available in various colors with medium support or heavy-duty support; there’s even a maternity option. And how about this: The bras are environmentally friendly (the fabric is made from recycled water bottles), and they’re machine washable.

$55 for All Nighter – Triangle // meerbra.com

Quip Electric Toothbrushes

It’s important to have healthy teeth for you and the kids. But did you ever think a toothbrush could be stylish in addition to being useful? Quip toothbrushes are sleek, compact and work as well as the classics. (They’ve been accepted by the American Dental Association.) But instead of the harsh, loud vibrations of some other electric toothbrushes, Quip brushes have silent sonic vibrations that work well with sensitive teeth. When you turn it on, it also gives you little notifications for how long you should be brushing, with a two-minute timer and 30-second pulses.

Plus, they’re waterproof, shower safe and don’t require a bulky charger. If just the brush isn’t enough for you, Quip offers a refill service so you can make sure to have fresh batteries and a new toothbrush head every three months. (Auto delivery, free shipping for life and starts at just $5.)

Added plus: They now offer toothpaste and floss if you want to cover all your bases. And there are Quips for kids that come in a variety of fun colors that will make your kiddo eager to practice good oral hygiene.

$40 for Starter Set that includes toothbrush, toothpaste and floss for additional $15; Refill plans start at $5 for brush head and battery; additional $5 each for toothpaste refill and floss refill; $25 for Kid’s Starter Set with same options // getquip.com

Know of more life-changing reinventions we should try out? Email us at editorial@dfwchild.com.

Images courtesy of Que, Orbitkey, Sheertex, Meer and Quip.