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5 Kid-Safe Mosquito Solutions for Your Dallas-Fort Worth Home

Lambda-cyhalothrin, N-Diethyl-3-methylbenzamide and piperonyl butoxide, oh my! The ingredients in your family’s insect repellent shouldn’t be scarier than bug bites. But when summertime brings creepy crawlers and buzzing bugs, what’s a parent to do? Boycotting the backyard until the first hard freeze of the season will leave kids (and parents) stir-crazy.

Many pest control businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth offer mosquito solutions, but not all are safe for kids. Not only can synthetic ingredients pose possible harm for your family, but these damaging and toxic ingredients cause mosquitoes to slowly build resistance to negate effectiveness. “When insects come into contact with [synthetic ingredients], they build up immunity. If insects come into contact with natural ingredients, they are killed,” says Paul Dodrill, founder of Mosquito-Works, a home-pest solution business, serving North Texas. Home solutions for mosquitoes and other pests usually include misting, like a water sprinkler with natural bug repellant. Unlike conventional pesticides, natural insecticides must be sprayed more often to ensure success. “Natural insecticides are biodegradable by ultraviolet light and water, meaning they have to be applied more frequently,” Dodrill says.

Fortunately for Dallas-Fort Worth, many pest controllers offer personalized solutions based on individual yards. Beat the bugs without worrying about toxic ingredients and take back your backyard with these natural home solutions. And don’t worry, we promise you’ll be able to pronounce every single ingredient.

Green Pest Guys
The mosquito solutions at Green Pest Guys are comprised of botanical pesticides and essential oils diluted in water and made safe for humans. Typical methods of treatment include spraying and individualized maintenance and monitoring once per month during high mosquito season. These pesticides and others used by Green Pest Guys can also control for ants, termites, beetles and other unwelcome bugs all over the Dallas area.

Mosquito Mister Natural
Using a natural and organic pesticide, called Naprovit Pro Plus, to suffocate unwanted insects, including mosquitoes. This biodegradable and odorless product can be sprayed around humans, pets and vegetable gardens. Mosquito Mister Natural serves the Park Cities area of Dallas.

Mosquito Steve
Mosquito Steve offers insect solutions in North Texas with full-yard misting systems, monthly treatments and portable misting. Using all-natural pesticides free of any man-made chemicals, Mosquito Steve eliminates mosquitos in commercial and residential areas while keeping kids, pets and beneficial insects safe.

Custom pest-management plans using only natural and biodegradable insecticides safe for all warm-blooded animals target larvae and adult mosquitoes. Commercial and residential services are available all over North Texas and surrounding areas.

Natural Pest Solutions
Natural Pest Solutions aims to encourage beneficial insects, while eliminating unwelcome pests with organic and natural pesticides made from ingredients such as oils and soil byproducts. Services range from single visits to monthly and annual service plans for termites, bed bugs and other pests. Custom MistAway mosquito misting systems can be designed per home. Natural Pest Solutions serves the Dallas area.

Published May 2015