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5 Genius Products for Your Toddler

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Every stage of childhood is rewarding and challenging for parents in its own way. Toddlerhood, however, seems to be extra special, shall we say. My kiddo is past those years now, but I recently found some products I’d definitely try out if I could turn back time.

Universal sippy cup lids 

Ah, sippy cups. Thank you for making sure that I don’t have one more mess to clean up.

But matching the lids with the cups isn’t fun. And what about when you’re at a restaurant and they only have regular kids cups? Enter the universal sippy cup lid.

It turns any cup into a sippy cup instantly. Just watch for tears that could result in leaks, and make sure your kiddo (or dog) doesn’t chew them up and accidentally swallow a piece!

There are many brands, but this set on Amazon gets nearly 70% 5-star reviews.

Unique toddler beds

Getting your child to sleep in their own room can be challenging. (Read expert advice on reclaiming your sleep space here.) But if a kid has a super cool bed, can they resist? Here are some pretty rad places they can rest their heads:

Water drawing mat

Markers can be dangerous weapons in little hands. So try out this drawing, writing and doodle mat that uses water to create pictures and lettering. No more works of art or scribbles on walls!

Kitchen Helper stool

 Toddlers love helping in the kitchen (and it’s great for them developmentally). But they typically can’t reach the counters, and having them stand on a chair is dangerous. This keeps kiddos in place as they stir, pour and taste.

Tinkle Targets

Make potty training a game for the little boy in your life. These targets will give him something to, ahem, shoot for. Then they flush away.

Do you have any toddler-approved products your kiddos love to use? Tell us at editorial@dfwchild.com.

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