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5 Fertility Apps To Try While You “Try”

if you're trying to get pregnant, check out these available apps

If you and your partner are trying to have a baby, technology has your back. With how smart our phones have become, it’s a wonder that we ever put them down. Now, apps have found a way to tap into a very important time in a woman’s life: pregnancy. Here’s a list of five fertility apps that you should consider trying while you’re … you know… “trying.”

WINFertility Companion

This app just underwent a whole renovation. It now offers video nurse consultations (by both video and phone), enhanced fertility tracking tools that include note-taking features, the ability to set alerts or reminders, and the option to share your cycle tracking with your partner or doctor. There’s also plenty of fertility education content, such as the Fertility 101 library.

Ovia Fertility

The Ovia app uses an algorithm to predict your period and fertility window, regardless of whether you have an irregular cycle. It offers health summaries and statistics that may be useful, such as your average cycle length, period length, top symptoms, days of intercourse and more. You can also check trends and receive insights from customized fertility charts.


Dot helps you identify the chances of pregnancy on each day of your cycle. It uses your period start dates to produce personalized information (making it more accurate). Plus, with ongoing analysis, the app is able to get smarter the more you use it—so it becomes even more accurate over time.


With Glow, you can track your cycle with the ovulation calculator. The app allows you to record symptoms, sexual activity and day-to-day moods, so you can optimize your chances of getting pregnant. Plus, the app allows you to get your partner involved in the journey.

Fertility Friend

Fertility Friend offers useful insights into your fertility through its ovulation calendar and period tracker. The app uses your data to create a personalized fertility chart with tips and data analysis for maximizing your odds of conception. It will also alert you on ovulation days. Plus, there’s the option to join a community within the app where you can read inspirational conception stories, browse other women’s charts as well as provide and receive support.

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