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4 Ways to Embellish Flip-flops

Spring is here and it’s officially time to put away the boots and bring out the sandals. These embellished flip-flops are sure to put a little spring your child’s step. Perfect for children of all ages, these crafts will be a hit at your next birthday party or fun weekend crafting at home!

Water Balloon Flip-flops


Flip-flops, water balloons, string (optional)


1. Stack four balloons on top of each other with the ends facing alternating directions.

2. Secure the four balloons to the flip-flop strap by using a fifth balloon as a tie. This can be tricky at first and towards the end when your room is limited. If you can’t get it, a strong string could be used instead.

3. Continue tying stacks of four balloons along the straps until they are covered.