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Mom getting her and son out the door in the morning

4 Things That Will Get You Out the Door Faster

these few items may make your morning less stressful

Mornings are hectic.  There’s breakfast, backpacks, making lunches, feeding the pets, making sure you get at least one more cup of coffee—on and on it goes. Overall, you’re not only worrying about getting yourself ready, but the kids as well. Our editor Alexis is right there with you, so she shared four things that help her get out the door faster. Maybe these will help you too.

I’m not a morning person. When I hear other moms say they get up in the pre-dawn hours to work out or linger over a cup of coffee while the kids snooze, I admit I’m a bit mystified.

I’m firmly in the “stay in bed as long as you possibly can” camp. So mornings are always a little hectic. Here are a few things I use every day that help my son and I get out the door faster.

CHI Spin n Curl

This curling gadget may look unusual, but don’t worry, your hair won’t get tangled. It makes perfect curls, without the risk of burns because all the heat is on the inside. (Goodbye neck scars, hello voluminous curls.)

I spend way less time doing my hair because of it. While the this particular tool costs more than some regular curling irons, I’ve had it for more than a year and it’s still going strong.

Pro Tip: You’re supposed to leave the curl in until the gadget beeps, but I take it down much sooner so I don’t look like Shirley Temple.


I used to spend a long time messing around with my eyebrow makeup, but not anymore. I splurged and had my brows microbladed in 2018. Pros suggest getting the color refreshed between six months to a year and a half later. (I haven’t done that yet.)

Though they’re not as dark as they were, and I do use brow powder again, the microblading shows me exactly where to put the powder. It’s quick and easy.

I went to Leeza’s Browtique in Dallas. Wherever you go, be sure to look at each brow professional’s Instagram (or other social platform) to make sure you like their style prior to making an appointment.

Contigo AUTOSEAL Gizmo water bottles

(Don’t worry—these are not the ones under recall. Same brand, different style.)

My son needs multiple water bottles each day at school, and these are my favorites since there’s no need to track down a straw. (Don’t ask me why that saves so much time. It just does.) Kids push a button and the water is able to flow freely. Let go and the spout closes.

Lace-less sneakers

These definitely make mornings easier. When my son started school this year, I bought just about every product on the Internet that is supposed to keep shoes tied. Nothing worked. I gave up and bought him slip-on sneakers.

The final step in the getting-ready process now goes so quickly. And it’s not just for our kiddos who are still learning to tie shoes. I got myself a pair and couldn’t be happier.

Alexis Patterson is managing editor of DFWChild and the mom of a smart, funny, busy kindergartner. While Alexis would have thought she’d be better at tea parties and playing school, she has adapted nicely to her son’s preferred interests of laser tag and Nerf guns. When she isn’t working or snuggling her sweet boy, Alexis enjoys shopping, traveling and not cooking. Email her at apatterson@dfwchild.com

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