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American flag garland for Fourth of July

4 Patriotic Fourth of July Crafts

from patriotic paint cans to red, white and blue wreaths

Independence Day is right around the corner, so why not involve the kiddos with some decorations and treats? Check out these four Fourth of July crafts that all kids will enjoy.

Patriotic Flower Cans
Have some cans laying around that you don’t have any use for? Turn them into patriotic flower pots.

What You’ll Need:

3 empty, label-free cans
Acrylic paints in blue, white and red

What You’ll Do:

Choose one can to be blue; paint it all over. While that can is drying, take the other two cans and paint red and white stripes. Hint: Use painters tape to make your stripes.

Once your blue can is dry, use white paint and paint stars all over. Hint: You’ll need to give the stars multiple coats of paint.

Ta-da! Your three cans will look like the American flag. Grab some flowers and place inside the cans.

Star-Spangled Table Runner
Dress up your table with a spangled table runner.

What You’ll Need:

Burlap table runner for your size of table
Foam pieces or stamps (You can use scrap foam that’s used for bottoms of chairs, or buy star stamps at a craft store.)
Cardboard (if using foam)
Scissors (if using foam)
Outdoor paint in red, white and blue

What You’ll Do:

If using foam: Print out a large star on a piece of cardboard. Use the cardboard to trace the star shape onto the foam. Cut the star shape out of the foam.

Cover the foam star or stamp with your choice of paint color and stamp the burlap where you choose. Hint: Use a speedball roller to evenly apply paint to your foam or stamp.

Allow to dry. Enjoy!

Red, White and Blue Garland
Decorate your doors, mantels, kitchen islands and more with this cute craft.

What You’ll Need:

4 Colors of paracord rope (Red, white, dark blue and light blue)
1 White (or your choice of color) paracord rope as the hanging rope

What You’ll Do:

Cut each piece of rope one foot in length. (That will yield a 6-in. garland.) Cut 10–20 foot-long pieces of each color. (You can always cut more.)

Lay out your hanging rope. Fold a cut piece in half. Wrap the folded side around the hanging rope and tuck the ends of the cut piece into the loop and pull taught. You should have a loop around the hanging rope and both edges of the cut piece hanging down. Once you repeat the process along the whole hanging rope, the garland should have a fringe look to it.

DIY Patriotic Wreath
Make your door patriotic with this beauty.

What You’ll Need:

Twig wreath base from your choice of craft store
Red, white and blue fake blooms (Pro Tip: Use something full, such as fake hydrangeas. These take up a lot of space without having to use too many.)
Glue gun
Hot glue

What You’ll Do:

Take your blooms apart from their bundles. Set aside the blooms into the three colors. (Hold on to the leaves if your blooms have them; they make great fillers.)

Before gluing any blooms down, place them around the wreath in various ways to see how you prefer the design. Once you have that set, use the glue gun to attach the blooms to the base.

Pro Tip: Hold down the bloom for 3–5 seconds after placing to make sure it attaches properly.

Once all your blooms are in place, use the leaves and other greenery to fill in emptier spaces. Voilà!

Happy Fourth of July!

Image courtesy of iStock.