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Girl playing outside in nature

4 Out-of-the-Box Things To Do Outside With the Kids 

try these out with your kiddos

Now that spring has sprung, I have no excuse to keep my son inside. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping—it feels a little magical, doesn’t it? Here are some fun things my son and I have done to enjoy the pretty weather.

Nature walk

We put packing tape around my son’s wrist, sticky side up, and went on a search for signs of spring. We collected a clover, a blade of bright green grass, a flower that had fallen to the ground and more, then stuck it to his wrist. 

Yard inspection

The nature walk morphed into an inspection of our yard. We found some uprooted flowers and plants (thank you, Mr. Armadillo), weeds that my son quickly pulled, bugs and unusual rocks. This could also turn into a scavenger hunt.

Colors and counting

While my son rode his scooter and I walked, we found something outside for every color of the rainbow. We also looked for things in groups (two chairs sitting side by side, three trees in a cluster, four wheels on a car and so on). This kept us busy for a while!

Tablet time, outdoors

My son and I needed a change of scenery while he played on his tablet one afternoon, so we went to our screened porch in the backyard. (Bad idea; there was a wasp on the inside.) So we took our devices to the swing on the front porch and got our technology fix and fresh air.

It started raining and turned into a really nice moment—my little one snuggled up to me, a blanket across our laps and the sound of rain all around us.

Whatever you do, take advantage of the season! Triple-digit temperatures will be here before we know it.

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