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Take a virtual vacation to some of the world's top sites

38 Virtual Vacations

"I can show you the world..."

While we wait for things to clear up so we can travel for real again, go ahead and virtually visit some of the most amazing places around the world. Travel all the way to New Zealand, Paris, even the Taj Mahal, without ever feeling jet lagged!

Amsterdam – Visit various tourist spots in Amsterdam, such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank house.

Pensacola, Florida – View the gorgeous Pensacola beaches through the city’s beach cams.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island – Take a look at some of New York’s main sites.

Eiffel Tower – How neat would it be to have a VR Eiffel Tower experience? Well, here it is!

Jerusalem – Enjoy historical sites? Then you’ll love this virtual tour of Jerusalem.

Galveston, Texas – Take an overhead look at Galveston’s beaches along the seawall.

South Padre Island, Texas – Check out this aerial view of one of the best beaches in Texas.

Machu Picchu – Check out the Peruvian ruins from your couch.

Grand Canyon – Even when you’re not actually there, this place is still breathtaking.

Sistine Chapel – Take in Michelangelo’s masterpiece from home!

Lake Tahoe – Enjoy the peacefulness of nature at beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Nashville, Tennessee – Check out the bustling downtown area of country music’s capital.

Buckingham Palace – Take a tour of Queen Elizabeth II’s home.

The White House – Get a look at the most famous house in the United States.

Windsor Castle – Check out one of the British royal family’s beautiful castles.

Taj Mahal – Tour one of the seven wonders of the world—inside and out!

Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher – Catch a breathtaking glimpse of the famous cliffs in Ireland from various vantage points.

Hawaii Volcanoes – Talk about the views of a lifetime!

Myrtle Beach – Relax at South Carolina’s most picturesque beach.

Sydney, Australia – Take in a live view of Sydney Harbor.

Anguilla – Check out the serene beaches of this Caribbean gem.

Japan – Get a live look at the massive skyscrapers of Tokyo.

Bavarian Alps – It’s like you can hear the von Trapp family from here (yes, we know that was Austria, but you still get The Sound of Music vibes).

Mexico City – Experience the capital via VR!

The Maldives – Visit one of the top resorts on the islands and pretend you’re swinging in the breeze in a hammock.

Manitoba, Canada – Check out the must-see northern lights!

Norway – Feel like you’re having your own Frozen-themed vacation.

Central Park – Tour all of Central Park’s hot spots without breaking a sweat.

Iceland – Watch the calm waters of the capital of this beautiful country.

Kenya – Who could say no to a virtual safari?

Moscow – Check out Russia’s unique architecture in this massive city.

San Diego, California – Take a tour of this gorgeous California city.

Seattle, Washington – See all that this wonderful city in the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

South Africa – Take in an aerial view of Cape Town at the very tip of Africa.

The Alamo – Get a little Texas history fix.

Toronto, Ontario – Enjoy a panoramic view of Canada’s largest city.

Vancouver, British Columbia – You’ll feel like you’re in your own log cabin here.

New Zealand – The views are absolutely stunning on this small island country.

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