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38 Best Family Halloween Movies

from scary to silly Halloween flicks

Halloween is finally here. And even if your usual celebration plans have changed this year due to the pandemic, there’s always room for a spooky family movie night. If you’re not sure what to show your kiddos this Halloween season, we’ve created a list of spooky and festive movies the whole family can enjoy—from classic Halloween staples to newer fantasy finds.

And whether you have little ones who need something gentle and silly, or you have older kids who want something a tad scarier, we have the perfect films on our list. So pop your popcorn, gather the children and press play on a few of our favorite family-friendly Halloween flicks!

Editor’s Note: We recommend checking Common Sense Media if you want to be sure of appropriate content.

Beetlejuice // Hulu with Live TV or Amazon Prime from $3.99
Equal parts spooky, silly and entertaining. Need we say more?

Casper // Amazon Prime from $2.99
This friendly ghost will make your little ones wish they had their own Casper.

Coraline // Hulu with STARZ Add-on
Dakota Fanning voices Coraline, who discovers an alternate world close to her own, but with a twist.

Corpse Bride // Amazon Prime from $3.99
Tim Burton can do no wrong with this grave pair.

Coco // Disney+
Inspired by Day of the Dead, this Pixar film will make your family laugh, cry and laugh some more while learning about the Mexican holiday.

Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest // Hulu
If you have tots or young children, this is the perfect film when you need a festive movie with an easy story line.

Double Double, Toil & Trouble // Hulu
Magical twins (played by young Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) try to save their parents from their evil aunt’s curse.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
// Hulu
Okay, it’s not exactly a Halloween movie but it’s an easy fantasy film that’ll transport your family to another world.

Frankenweenie // Disney+
Young Victor Frankenstein resurrects his dog Sparky after he is hit by a car. All goes well until Sparky starts terrorizing the neighbors.

Ghostbusters // fuboTV (included in subscription) or Amazon Prime  for $2.99
Who you gonna call?

Goosebumps // Amazon Prime from $2.99 (2015 version) and Netflix (1998 version)
Jack Black helps take R.L. Stine’s children’s horror series to the big screen when a teenager is reading the classic series and notices the monsters in real life. (Psst. The 1998 version is also great!)

Halloweentown // Disney+
When Marnie Piper learns she comes from a line of witches, she must stop evil and save Halloweentown—all on Halloween night. (We also recommend the sequels!)

Harry Potter // Free with signup on Peacock
If your family can’t settle on anything too spooky, get out your brooms and fly to Hogwarts. But beware, the later films may have some scenes that could spook your littlest ones.

Hocus Pocus // Disney+
After all, “It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus!”

Hotel Transylvania // Hulu with STARZ addon
Count Dracula is the owner of film’s namesake and invites some of the most famous monsters to help celebrate his daughter’s 118th birthday. This one is full of lots of laughs and smiles!

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown // Apple TV+ for free from Oct. 30–Nov.1 (subscription needed otherwise)
Does this even need an introduction?

Kiki’s Delivery Service // HBO Max
This Miyazaki animated film features a young witch, Kiki, who moves to a new town and delivers packages by broomstick. Plus, she has an adorable black cat along for the ride.

Little Monsters // Amazon Prime from $3.99
A young Fred Savage discovers a secret world of monsters that sneak into children’s rooms and pull pranks on them.

Mary and the Witches Flower // Netflix
The title character finds a mysterious flower that gives her the power to become a witch for one night only.

Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire // Disney+
A Disney Halloween marathon mainstay, two kids discover their mom may be on a date with a vampire.

Monsters House // Hulu with Live TV subscription, fuboTV for free or Amazon Prime from $3.99
Three kids discover that a neighborhood home is actually a monster in this animated film.

ParaNorman // Amazon Prime from $2.99
This spooky tale follows Norman, a young boy that can speak to the dead, as he discovers his town’s paranormal history.

Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie // Disney+
Best for your littlest ones, Pooh and friends believe they’ve found a “heffalump” in the woods after seeing circular footsteps.

Return to Oz // Disney+
This spooky Oz sequel follows Dorothy as she returns to Oz only to find it has been overthrown. The film introduces fun new friends Tik-Tok, Jack Pumpkinhead and Princess Ozma.

Room on the Broom // Netflix
Based on the picture book of the same name, a gentle witch offers broomstick rides to a variety of animals in this short film.

Scooby Doo on Zombie Island // Netflix
Scooby and friends investigate an island said to be haunted by ghost-pirate Morgan Moonscar.

Super Monsters Save Halloween // Netflix
If your kiddos are scared of Halloween, this story has a gentle approach to the holiday with world-famous monsters as regular kids by day.

The Addams Family // Netflix
They’re cooky and they’re spooky.

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad // Disney+
This 1949 film retells “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and The Wind in the Willows in a kid-friendly animated classic.

The Haunted Mansion // Disney+
A realtor and his family make a stop at a mansion he’s been asked to sell, only to find the property is haunted.

The Little Vampire // Amazon Prime from $3.99
A boy tries to save a young vampire and his family from a vampire hunter.

The Nightmare Before Christmas // Disney+
This stop-motion musical fantasy film is a classic for a reason.

The Scream Team // Disney+
A young man returns home with his two kids following his father’s death only to discover the family estate is haunted.

The Witches // Netflix
In a world where child-hating witch societies exist in every country, a young boy stumbles on a diabolical witch convention. (The new adaptation of The Witches is available for streaming on HBO Max October 22!)

Toy Story of Terror // Amazon Prime from $9.99
The 21-minute-long short shows the toys caught in a mystery when Mr. Potato Head goes missing.

Twitches. (And Twitches Too!) // Disney+
Twin witches—”twitches”—reunite on their 21st birthday after being separated at birth discover their true powers.

Underwraps // Hulu with Live TV subcription
Three friends protect a mummy (whom they name Harold) from being kidnapped while they try to reunite him with his lost love.

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