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Family doing summer camp activities at home

26 Summer Camp Activities to Do at Home

who doesn't love a good egg toss?

Since the summer still has an air of unknown surrounding it, there’s a chance that summer camps won’t be part of your kiddo’s plans. So we found 26 summer camp activities that you can do at home! Your kids will feel like they’re at camp in no time.

(FYI: Some of these may need some tweaking, as you might not have enough people to play or have a hard time finding supplies.)

1.Make friendship bracelets

2. Go fishing

3. Try out storytelling

4. Hold a talent show

5. Create a time capsule

6. Learn about astronomy

7. Play disc golf or ultimate Frisbee

8. Go biking

9. Tie-dye clothes

10. Play water balloon dodge ball

11. Go on a scavenger hunt

12. Make a bird feeder

13. Have a campfire with s’mores

14. Make an Alka-Seltzer rocket

15. Try some splatter painting

16. Create a collage

17. Make a water slide

18. Have an egg toss contest

19. Try food art—make pancake portraits or fruit and chocolate lady bugs

20. Have a freeze dance contest

21. Go for a hike

22. Pick up trash and recyclables

23. Have a picnic

24. Make your own backyard theater

25. Play capture the flag

26. Hold a field day

Are there other summer camp activities you’re planning to do with your family? Tell us at editorial@dfwchild.com.

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