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Pregnant woman creating a birth plan

Confession: I Didn’t Have a Birth Plan

and that's OK

Did you create a birth plan before having your kiddo? For some moms, it’s a must-do—plan everything out. For others, it’s just another thing on the to-do list—maybe it’ll get done. Our managing editor Alexis didn’t create a birth plan for her son and she felt completely OK with that. Check out her thoughts on it.

We’re working on our annual DFWChild Baby issue, and the term “birth plan” has come up a few times in our discussions. But it’s not something that ever came up while I was pregnant with my son.

Birth plans can run the gamut. They can include anything such as a general understanding of how you want your baby to come into the world or could be entirely more detailed with your preferred playlist and the scents you want in the room (among other things).

Just Google the term and you’ll find templates that will allow an expectant mother to outline her wishes for before, during and after labor. The idea is to make sure those around you (your doctor or midwife, your partner, your extended family) understand your vision for welcoming your new arrival.

Honestly, it never occurred to me to come up with a plan—other than to get to the hospital and do what my doctor and nurses told me to do.

I trusted my doctor immensely and knew she would be acting in my best interest and my son’s best interest the entire time. That was all that mattered to me.

So I didn’t order a fancy birthing gown.

I didn’t arrange for a birth photographer.

I didn’t even have a bag packed. My water broke three weeks before my due date—and it felt more important (notice that I say it felt important, not that it was) to spend the few minutes I had putting on makeup, instead of planning what the baby and I were going to wear home.

After prolonged labor, the doctor almost took me in for a C-section. That wasn’t something I had envisioned, but if it needed to happen, then that would have been OK with me. My son’s birth—the way it organically happened—was beautiful and perfect. No intensive planning necessary.

If it makes you feel calmer and more prepared to sketch out a plan, I totally support that. I hope everything goes according to that plan! Labor and delivery is raw and intense and amazing, and ultimately, we don’t have total control.

But I want to assure you that as long as you end up with a healthy little one in your arms, it all works out just fine.

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