Is Your Child Hitting These Developmental Milestones?

Learn about the goals for children at each stage of life

Parenting is not easy, and every mom knows the feeling of never-ending worry that comes along with having a child (Suddenly everything our mom told us is coming to life). Though every phase can be daunting in its own unique way, the first 5 years of life are crucial in the development of a child.

Skills such as the first smile, the first step and waving “bye-bye” are all called developmental milestones, and it’s important to keep track. Children reach milestones in how they play, speak, learn, behave and move and every child is different! Here are a few milestones you can keep a lookout for during each phase of development:

0–3 Months

  • Raises head slightly off the floor or bed when placed on the stomach
  • Looks and fixates on your face
  • Startles in response to sound

3–6 Months

  • Rolls from side to side and stomach to back
  • Recognizes parent
  • Moves eyes in the direction of the sound

6–9 Months

  • Stands with support
  • Eats soft cookies or lumpy foods
  • May say “dada” or “mama”

9–12 Months

  • Pivots and scoots in sitting
  • Imitates adult behavior
  • Turns head immediately to own name

18–24 Months

  • May walk up steps
  • Drinks from cup
  • Nods head “yes” or “no”

2 years

  • Steers push toy
  • Feeds self with a spoon and fork
  • Uses sentences of 2 to 4 words

3 years

  • Runs easily
  • Turns doorknobs or door handles
  • Carries on a conversation using 2–3 sentences

4 years

  • Catches bounced ball most of the time
  • Brushes teeth independently
  • Uses sentences that give lots of detail

5 years

  • Jumps rope, swings and climbs with ease
  • Eats and dresses independently
  • Counts 10 or more things

Our partners at Pediatrics Plus want parents to know that every child will reach these milestones at their own pace but having a guideline can help you keep track of where they’re at.

This is not a rulebook by any means, but if you notice your child falling behind and are worried about their development, talk to your pediatrician at your next checkup.

These are just a few of the milestones Pediatrics Plus provides, visit their blog for the full list and additional details.

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