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How Denton Mom and Insurance Agent Lacey Bloom Spends Her Wednesday

Between the three men in her life, this Denton mom is all hustle.

Lacey Bloom lives in Denton with her husband, David, two sons, Landry, 8, and Luke, 3, and fur baby, Hank. She works as an insurance agent at DATCU Credit Union. Lacey loves to play soccer with her family, and their favorite weekend activity is “glamping”— camping in a tent set up on their trampoline. 

5AM The alarm goes off, and I hit snooze, but I don’t go back to sleep. I’m reaching for my Kindle because I must finish that chapter that I could not hold my eyes open for last night.

5:18AM The alarm goes off for the third time, and now David is nudging me to get up. I head out the bedroom door to wake up Hank, our French bulldog. He sleeps with our oldest son, Landry. I sneak in, careful not to wake Landry up, and grab Hank for a walk.

5:30AM We’re back home. I quickly feed the dog and prep our Nespresso maker for David to make us our first cup of espresso.

5:45AM I’m heading to the kitchen for my espresso and giving David a kiss goodbye as we discuss what our day looks like. Luke has heard the commotion and is coming down the hall with a mess of bed-head curls.

5:55AM With Luke settled, I’m heading into the laundry room for the clothes that I laid out for myself, Landry and Luke the night before. Luke has decided he cannot wait one more second for a cup of milk, so it’s back to the kitchen I go.

6AM It’s lights on in Landry’s room. I force Luke to go to the restroom as he screams he doesn’t need to go, but I’ve learned from that mistake too many times! I quickly get Luke completely dressed and then grab him a granola bar.

6:25AM I’m now in Landry’s room, making him get up and get dressed for school. He’s demanding cereal for breakfast, so I go to get his breakfast ready and let Hank out one more time.

6:40AM The cereal doesn’t taste good with milk because Landry just brushed his teeth. So dumping the milk-laden cereal, I pack new cereal in a to-go container without milk, put the dog up and away we go!

7:05AM Realizing I never tamed Luke’s crazy curly bed-head, I quickly find my hidden stash of diaper wipes in the car, using those to wet and comb down his baby curls. He is first for drop-off. Now, I’m rushing back to the car to race across Denton to drop Landry off.

7:25AM We are now in carpool line waiting for the doors to open so Landry can start his school day. This time is my favorite with Landry. We talk about what he wants to accomplish during the day, whom he is going to play with at recess and what he hopes to learn in taekwondo.

7:30AM I’m now rushing to make it to work at DATCU Credit Union before 8am. I have my weekly team conference call at 8:30, and I have so much to do before.

8AM I’m responding to emails, answering insurance questions and drinking my first cup of coffee, since I never did drink my espresso.

8:30AM It’s the insurance department’s weekly team conference call. I’m starving! I’m on day five of the Whole 30 program for the second time, and I did not come prepared today. I luckily find an RX bar in my desk and mute my phone while devouring that bar like it’s made of pure chocolate.

9AM The doors open at the credit union. I see several members, return several calls and stay on emails all morning.

1PM I’m starving again, but because I didn’t bring lunch, it’s off to Chipotle for the Whole 30-compliant bowl. I check personal emails, making sure I haven’t missed any school announcements or urgent items.

4:45PM My day has passed by in a blur with work, but now it’s time to pick up the boys and head home. I always call David as soon as I get in the car to find out how his day went, tell him how my day went and discuss our evening plans.

5PM I get Luke first. Chat with his daycare teacher about his day, and then it’s off to pick up Landry from after-school taekwondo. Tonight, it looks like pizza for my guys while I try to scrounge something up for my Whole 30 dinner.

5:20PM We are home, and it feels so good! The boys and David handle Hank and his walk while I pop in my Shaun T. Fitness 25-minute workout video. I love to work out as soon as I come home. It’s such a stress reliever!

6PM The guys are enjoying dinner, and I’m prepping clothes, lunch and dinner for Thursday, and checking the homework folder for Landry.

7PM David handles bath time for Luke while Landry enjoys a show, and I devour some grilled chicken for dinner.

7:30PM Luke is out of the tub, and Landry is in the tub. I’m prepping Luke for bed while David tries to find us something to watch after the kids are down.

8PM I’m attempting to get Luke into bed mode, and he is quietly playing in his room while I pick up toys and make sure everything is off the floor so our Roomba can run.

8:30PM Both boys are in bed, but neither is asleep. Luke is up to go potty. Landry needs a drink of water. Hank is restless, so it’s back outside for him.

10PM It’s time for bed. The TV shows were left unwatched again today, but I do grab my Kindle and fall asleep reading.