How McKinney Mom and Pyrotex Co-Owner Paige Mejia Spends Her Thursday
It’s tough to keep up with the multihyphenate mom of two kids (and 11 pets).
Words Paige Mejia
Published April 2019 CollinChild
Updated March 25, 2019
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Paige Mejia holds many titles: sales director and co-owner of Pyrotex (a company that produces fireworks shows), chapter president of Meeting Professionals International, Girl Scout troop leader, wife of Cesar and mom to Cesar III, 13, and Johannah, 11and owner of 11 pets. 

5:15AM My alarm goes off. For the first year of school, we were consistently late—to the point that my kindergartener was sent to detention for excessive tardiness. That is when we started the alarm system. If I am needing to work out of the house, this is my time to shower and start getting ready for the day.

5:30AM My first child wakes up and hops in the shower.

5:45AM My second child wakes up and hops in the shower.

6AM Everyone is sent downstairs to eat breakfast. My son’s current cereal of choice is Frosted Flakes, and my daughter eats a granola bar. She is not a breakfast person.

6:30AM Time to get shoes on and bags together and head out the door.

6:45AM We meet our carpool family at a parking lot by the highway. It is my day to drive, so off we go down Central Expressway for our 45-minute adventure to school, barring any major traffic jams.



Favorite indulgence  Chips and salsa
Whats in her Netflix queue  Right now, I am going back through old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, but the hubby and I are also bingewatching The Punisher. 
Where she goes for retail therapy  The Uber Shop. New items at consignment prices! 
Favorite movie  I would say The Princess Bride, but I’m also a sucker for anything Iron Man. 
First celebrity crush  Christian Slater
Beverage of choice  Deep Eddy sweet tea vodka with lemonade
Favorite scent  Lavender
Words she lives by  You have the freedom of choice, not the freedom of consequence.
Beauty product she cant live without  Base. I at least need my skin tone evened out.
Biggest pet peeve  People that can’t multitask
What she does when life gets stressful  Veg on my couch in front of the TV
Dream vacation  Overwater bungalow in Bora Bora
Motherhood in five words  The best, hardest job ever
Greatest fear  Heights, which was never an issue until I had kids
Dream job as a kid  I wanted to join the FBI and worked as a detention officer for three years while in college. 
Night owl or early bird  Early bird—10pm is pushing it for me at bedtime! 

7:30AM Arrive at school to drop kiddos for the day.

7:45AM I have meetings today in town and don’t want to waste gas by driving back to my home office, so I get to work at my other “office,” the Starbucks near school. My morning is filled with emails, creating contracts and invoices, making sales calls to set appointments with planners and venues, creating social media posts, and going through messages for leads.

9AM In my spare time, I am the leader of my daughter’s Girl Scouts troop, and today there is a leader meeting for our service unit. We turn in our monthly service project donations and discuss cookie sales.

10AM I leave the service unit meeting and head to Fort Worth.

11AM Arrive at the venue of today’s Meeting Professionals International lunch. I serve as the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter president. Today, we get an update on the state of the event industry, which is always my favorite meeting of the year. These networking events are a prime opportunity for me to build our brand and familiarize myself with individuals in the industry.

1:30PM Full from a scrumptious three-course meal, I head back to Dallas and wait in the carpool line. When I have evening events, my aunt picks the kids up from school and drops them with my husband, who is busily working from home. Today it’s mom duty!

2:15PM Sit in the school parking lot and check emails. Contract information came in for a new client who is getting married in the spring.

3:30PM The kids run out and fight over who gets to ride shotgun. Johannah is victorious. They proceed to tell me that nothing happened at school, ask what we are having for dinner and complain that they are starving.

4PM Back home. I cook dinner quickly—spaghetti again, but it’s easy and their favorite.

5PM I gather items for extracurricular activities, and we are back on the road for a 20-minute drive to swim team. I think, Maybe we live too far away from everything.

5:25PM Drop Cesar III at swim team.

5:45PM Drop Johannah off at aerial acrobatics class. She started this fun hobby to serve as her talent for the pageants she competes in and discovered that she loves it.

6PM Back to pick up Cesar III. I work in the parking lot until he emerges. He is still wet, and now the car smells like a swimming pool. He cranks up the heater.

7PM Back to pick up Johannah. She reminds me that she enjoys the private lessons much more than the group classes. I remind her that group classes give her a foundation of the basic maneuvers, and that they are much easier on the checkbook.

7:30PM We are back home. Luckily, my kids are still willing to go to sleep early (maybe because they awaken at 5:30am), so they head upstairs to brush their teeth and get ready for bed.  This usually results in yelling, slamming doors and the sound of dog paws running through the hallway.

8PM One stomp is heard from upstairs. This is the cue for me to come upstairs. We were tired of yelling, so we began the system of one stomp for me, two stomps for Cesar III or Daddy, three stomps for Johannah; it’s just easier that way. My son wears special contact lenses at night that allow him to see 20/20 during the day, but I am convinced that I will be traveling to his dorm room in college to put them in for him because he still needs me to every night.

8:15PM I settle in on the couch with the hubby to watch whatever is on the DVR. How many days till Game of Thrones?

9PM Cesar III comes down for water. This is a ritual that started a few months ago. He pauses to see what we are watching. We remind him that he needs to go to bed.

9:45PM Johannah comes down to tell us she can’t sleep. We go through her list of options—book reading, counting sheep, snuggling with the cat, etc.—and send her to bed.

10PM I really like sleep, so this is about my limit for the day. I check my email and social media and play Candy Crush before heading off to dreamland. Hopefully, the pets (did I mention we have 11?) will let me get a full eight hours tonight and not want to go outside at 3am!