News Roundup: 5 Top Stories In The Special Needs Community This Month
A roundup of all the latest trends and news when it comes to different abilities.
Words Elizabeth Quinn
Published February 2019
Updated March 7, 2019
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February was full of ability awareness with the addition of emojis with disabilities, Barbies with different abilities and more. Here’s what you missed in the news this month.

Ad Age discussed Microsoft’s Super Bowl ad that showed kids with disabilities playing with the Xbox adaptive controller. The controller uses large pads as well as foot controls to make it easier for children to play games. The commercial ended its ad with the message: “When everyone plays, we all win.”

Disability Scoop announced that a dozen new emojis showing people with disabilities are coming out later this year. In early February, Unicode Consortium, an organization that standardizes emojis used by Apple, Google and others, came out with 59 new icons, some of which portray the experience of a person with a disability.

Revelist stated that Mattel will include a Barbie in a wheelchair and another Barbie with a prosthetic limb to its Fashionista collection. This was an initiative toward inclusivity and “broadening [Barbie’s] definition of beauty.” Other Barbies, such as dolls with different textured or styled hair and others with different body types, will be added to the brand as well.

Travel+Leisure reported that travel company Wheel the World had the first wheelchair-accessible tour of Machu Picchu in Peru to give people with disabilities the chance to see the beautiful historical site. The tours use special wheelchairs that fold and are shaped similarly to wheelbarrows. They’re made of steel and aluminum to keep them lightweight, but they do require assistance, as they are not self-propelled.  

USA Today celebrated Smiles Taylor, an athlete and motivational speaker with cerebral palsy, who dead-lifted more than twice his body weight. Taylor only weighs 99 pounds, but in a video, he lifts 200 pounds. Now that’s epic!

Photo courtesy of iStock.