Normie Film Explores the Definition of Normalcy and Life
Discover the journey of people will all abilities
Words Jessica Myers
Published November/December 2018 DFWThrive
Updated February 20, 2019
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What makes us valuable? Is it our normalness, our abilities or simply that we are loved? Those are the questions that Annemarie Carrigan, a recent graduate of Highland Park High School who has Down syndrome, poses in Normie. The not-for-profit documentary, directed by Southern Methodist University alum Kurt Neale, is set for release in February.

In the film, Carrigan, who struggles with loneliness and depression, sets out across the country to interview people of all abilities—including former Thrive Mom Next Door Katie Anderson—and learns that everyone’s journey is meaningful no matter their abilities or limitations. Neale and crew are accepting donations from $25 to help fund final edits; visit to contribute and view the trailer. (Pro tip: Have tissues close at hand.)