These Wearable Bands Will Track and Treat Your Child’s Autism-Related Anxiety
High tech, low stress
Words Alexis Manrodt
Published July/August 2018 DFWThrive
Updated January 8, 2019
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Step aside, Fitbit. New wearable technologies are making it easier than ever to track and treat your child’s anxiety. Vancouver-based Awake Labs is beta testing Reveal, a wristband that tracks the physiological symptoms of anxiety to predict how and when your child will react in potentially triggering situations. An accompanying app allows caregivers, therapists and educators to add notes about your child’s behavior, moods, social interactions and even Individualized Education Program goals. If you’re interested in taking part in the beta trials, email Your kid can get relief during an anxiety episode literally at the push of a button, thanks to TouchPoints. Twin bands worn on each wrist send gentle vibrations (or, as scientists call them, bilateral stimulation) to reduce stress in as little as 30 seconds.

Awake Labs,; TouchPoints, from $160;