A Tuesday in the Life of Maris Young
How the Plano mom incorporates self-care into raising a toddler
Words Maris Young
Published April 2018 DallasChild
Updated February 13, 2019
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Maris Young and husband, Carlos, a musician and engineer, welcomed their first child, Milo, in April 2017. When she’s not chasing Milo around the house, Maris makes time to write on her blog, Young Honest Mother, freelance as a digital marketing specialist and run her own safe skin care business. The family lives in Plano with their two dogs, Nova and Chewy.

6:45AM I open my eyes just wide enough to see my husband lean down for a kiss before he heads into work. As he leaves the room, my head hits the pillow again.

9:09AM I’m surprised we slept so late! I’m shivering so I grab my phone to check the Nest thermostat app—a balmy 68 degrees. I turn on the heat and take a few minutes to
meditate on what I want to accomplish today. Milo rolls over, sits up and starts clapping.

9:15AM While still in bed, I check emails, and Milo rolls around me blowing raspberries. I discover that my marketing client’s blog posts are ready for review and schedule a business call for tonight.


The Fine Print

What she’s reading Tribe of Mentors by Timothy Ferris

Favorite indulgence A freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with a tall glass of ice water while rewatching an episode of Sex and the City

Favorite date night spot Lark on the Park

Beverage of choice GT’s Gingerade Kombucha

Beauty product she can’t live without Beautycounter volumizing mascara

Motherhood in five words Learning how to begin again

Ongoing project This year, it’s creating a community around my blog, Young Honest Mother.

Looking forward to A weekend getaway with my husband at a remote spa and resort in the mountains of New Mexico

Greatest fear Being vulnerable

9:20AM Milo is getting closer and closer to the edge of the bed so I guess it’s time to get up.

9:23AM Milo and I let the dogs outside, and then we stop in the kitchen for a glass of water. Even though more water ends up on his onesie than in his mouth, Milo loves
drinking water from a cup. He wants to do everything I do!

9:26AM Time for a diaper change.

9:29AM I let the dogs back inside and feed them while Milo drums on the rocking chair in his nursery.

9:32AM I rejoin Milo in his nursery and respond to client emails while he chews on the book he’s picked out. He’s more into eating than reading these days.

9:45AM Time for breakfast. I put Milo in his high chair and sprinkle bite-size pieces of clementine for him to play with and eat. I make my usual over-medium eggs, berry smoothie with garlic—a great immune booster in flu season— and sautéed apple slices with cinnamon and nutmeg. The audiobook I downloaded the other day plays in the background.

10:10AM I roll the high chair into the dining room, and I sit down to eat.

10:30AM After I load the dishwasher, it’s time to play. Milo drifts from toy to toy, stopping at the piano a few times to reach up and press the keys. The boy loves music!

10:47AM I know he’s going to scream and fuss, but I put Milo in his crib while I go take a shower and get dressed for the day. Being able to go through my skin care routine without interruption is important for me. When I feel taken care of, it’s easier to take care of those around me.

11:14AM I go pick up Milo from his crib and try to soothe his crying. He’s deep into the separation anxiety phase, but he quiets down after a few hugs and kisses. I change his diaper and get him dressed.

11:30AM Now we’re off to my mother-inlaw’s house in Irving. I have a client meeting in an hour, and because she works from home, she has agreed to look after Milo so that I can focus on the meeting.

12:04PM Carlos’ grandmother, who is visiting from Corpus Christi, opens the door when we arrive. I have just enough time to ease Milo into his new surroundings before my meeting starts.

1:30PM The hourlong meeting is just what I needed to get the ball rolling on some of my client’s marketing projects. I’m so glad I was able to devise a creative approach to child care so that I could focus.

1:42PM My mother-in-law had sandwiches delivered for lunch. As soon as I unwrap mine, Milo crawls over and lets me know he’d like some too. I feed him some tomato with one hand while trying to eat the rest of the sandwich with the other.

2:07PM I agreed to help my husband’s grandmother register the 23andMe kit she just got in the mail. I did not, however, expect that she would insist on reading every word of the Terms and Services agreement. Milo and I pass the time by playing.

3:56PM I pack our things back into the car, and we narrowly escape soul-crushing traffic as I drive back home.

4:35PM Milo is asleep so I use the fleeting quiet time to finish prepping for a business call I have later tonight.

4:44PM I contemplate what to make for dinner. I’d intended on roasting a chicken, but I don’t feel like starting that whole process when Carlos will be home in just a few minutes.

4:55PM Carlos is home from work. We all run to the door to greet him.

5:33PM We sit down to a dinner of salmon burgers, sautéed Swiss chard and red lentils. I spoon some Swiss chard onto Milo’s plate so that he can feed himself while Carlos and I catch up.

6PM I clean up after dinner while Carlos and Milo play the piano.

6:30PM Carlos has a musician friend over so I take Milo to his nursery to play so that they can record in peace.

8PM Time for the call with a potential business partner. I chat and listen while trying to make sure Milo’s not putting yet another unidentifiable foreign object into his mouth.

9PM The call ends. I feel good about the direction it went. Milo is beginning to whine and whimper so I know it’s time for him to call it a night. We head to our bedroom, and I cuddle and nurse him until he falls asleep.

9:44PM With Milo snoozing on the other side of me, I take the time to write out my to-do list for tomorrow. I’m trying to get better at prioritizing all my tasks. I edit a blog post for my marketing client and drift off to dreamland myself.