The Name Game

What local parents are naming their tots

One of the most fun—and stressful—experiencesduring pregnancy is choosing what to nameyour child. If you’re a mom-to-be in need ofa little inspiration, look no further. We maynot be the Census Bureau, but we analyzed our 2017 ModelSearch participant list to see which monikers are popularright now for North Texas kids. Read on for the hottestbaby name trends in town.

Star Power

Plenty of folks take cues fromcelebrities when it comes to
naming their kiddos, but someNorth Texas parents use theirbaby’s name to pay homage toicons from decades past. ClassicHollywood sirens are gettingsome love, with Marilyn and Harlowmaking the list for little girls,while rock icons like Jagger andHendrix are on the rise for boys.

Location, Location,Location

Some new parents are honoringthe place of their child’s conception… or perhaps mourningthe vacations they can’t takeonce baby arrives. City-themednames are booming this year—particularly Brooklyn, Kingstonand London. Some parents areeven venturing into outer space
with interplanetary names likeLuna, Moon, Nova and Stella.

Hail to the Chief

Sure, neither a baby Trump norObama walked our runway lastyear, but plenty of other namesfrom POTUS past are trending.The most popular choices areunisex options like Kennedy,Reagan, Madison, Taylor andLincoln. Absent from the list?Despite a presidential libraryin Dallas, the name Bush hasn’tmade an impression on localparents-to-be.

Earth Babies

An emerging trend for NorthTexas baby names are flora andfauna-themed monikers. Foryour future earth child, look tounisex words like River, Rainnand Phoenix. Floral names likeLily, Rose and Meadow dominatefor girls, while boys earn theirnature cred with monosyllabicchoices like Fox and Leif.

Literary Odes

When David and VictoriaBeckham named their daughter
Harper after To Kill A Mockingbirdnovelist Harper Lee, weknew it was just a matter oftime before literary-inspirednames received a massivepopularity boost. Harper is nowin esteemed company alongsidebook protagonist names likeScarlett, Sawyer and Zooey.Trendy Layla takes inspirationfrom the historical poem byNizami Ganjavi (and perhaps themodern stylings of Eric Clapton),while Arya gets some lovethanks to Game of Thrones.

Royal Titles

Everyone wants their child tofeel like a prince or princess—but some North Texas parentsare taking it a step further.Even before Beyonce andJay-Z had their twins, the nameSir was on the rise for boys.Also big are the lofty titlesKing and Major, while Princessand Reign are the standoutsfor girls.

Unique Takes

Giving a traditional name anontraditional spelling is a wayfor parents to be classic andcutting-edge at the same time.We found Jaymes listed alongsideJames, Aleczandir in the mixwith Alexander, and an equalnumber of young boys namedJackson and a more creativeversion, Jaxon. The presidential-inspiredKennedy has spawnedmultiple variations, including
Kennady and Kennedi.