New Mom: Jenny Anchondo

The Fox 4 reporter is back on the air after baby

Jenny Anchondo, 35, is an Emmy-winning newsanchor and reporter for Fox 4. Throughout hercareer, she’s covered everything from immigrationissues to drug trafficking and the Ebola crisis, butnothing has compared to the excitement of the past year.The Dallas mom and her husband of nearly two years, Heath,welcomed their daughter, Brighton, last May—and every daysince has been a wonderful learning curve.

How is Brighton doing? Has she been a healthy baby?
We had some challengesin the beginning. I had a great
birth, but she struggled with gainingweight. Those first couple ofmonths were a whirlwind. Now,I’m happy to say she’s in the 95thpercentile for height and weight.

How was the pregnancy?
Itwas good, but it’s not easy to beon air and pregnant—just logistically,trying to figure out whatto wear. For some reason, allmaternity clothes are in stripes!Thankfully, our audience canunderstand and relate. I reportin the field three days a weekand those are long days, but it’snot anything that other momshaven’t done before. I was justthankful to be pregnant.

You’re passionate about fitness. Did you exercise throughout the pregnancy?
I did. I adjusted my workoutsa little bit but continued doingbarre and Flywheel. I think ithelped me to be able to workright up to my due date, like alot of women do.

What surprised you most about life with a little?
Therealignment of priorities andwhat I do with each hour. I alsodidn’t know what a challengebreastfeeding was going to be.

Did you have anxiety about returning to work?
Yes.I didn’t think I would questiongoing back to work at all, butI miss her during the day. ButI want her to see me fulfillingmy career goals. I want her toknow that I can set my mind tosomething and achieve it.

How are you juggling it all?
I get up around 1:30 in themorning, but … there are only
about four hours in between whenmy husband leaves and when Icome home. We have more timewith her than away from her.

How has becoming parents changed the dynamic between you and Heath?
We’re both pretty independent.Now, we’re in team mode. He’sstepped up in such a big way,and it magnifies my love andadmiration for him. There wouldbe no way for me to continuethis job if he wasn’t stepping upevery single day.

What do you do to feel like yourself?
My workouts are soimportant to me—almost meditative.
It’s my time to refocus. Andtime with my girlfriends. I’ve
been blessed with some reallystrong women in my life.

What’s the best advice on motherhood you’ve been given?
I was sitting up in themiddle of the night Googling
everything and my mom said,“Jenny, you have to look internally;your intuition will tell you.You were made to do this.”

Worst advice?
So many peoplesaid, “Jenny, what are you goingto do about getting her into aschool?” Of course, we want herto be in a lovely preschool, butwe’re not stressing about that
right now. We’re just trying to getthrough the day.

What advice would you offer first-time moms-to-be?
It’s such a gift to be able to havea child. So when you’re feelinglike you want to get it [pregnancy]over with, try to focus on howlucky you are to be able to gothrough this experience.

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