A Tuesday in the Life of Victoria Tong
Words Victoria Tong
Published February 2018 DallasChild
Updated December 19, 2018
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Victoria Tong works fulltime in Allen ISD as aninstructional specialist.She’s also a second-yeardoctoral student at DallasBaptist University studyingeducational leadership. Herhusband, Lewis, works atMovement Mortgage as asales manager. Scarlett, 6, isin kindergarten, and Kai, 2,embodies everything aboutbeing a 2-year-old boy. Thefamily lives in McKinneywith their cat, Gato, who isusually up to no good.

6 AM Shut off the alarm and tripover our cat, Gato, on the way tothe restroom.

6:15AM Scarlett, our daughter,is awake and playing in the toyroom. I show her some love before remindingher that she needs to hop in the shower. Shegroans for a bit but relents. “It’s show-and-tellday, and I’m bringing my LOLs!” she says.

6:18AM Check email to make sure that itreally is show-and-tell day. Confirmed: Shewas right.

6:25AM Gato is loudly meowing at Scarlett,who is now in the shower not cleaningherself, but sudsing the windows with soap.She’s wondering if the cat wants in while I’mwondering if he’s thirsty. I coax her to getout. I think to myself: Kids are funny—struggleto get them in the shower and the samestruggle to get them out!

6:31AM Our youngest, Kai, is up and playingtrucks. I say good morning to see if heresponds sweetly or if he yells for Dada.Does anybody else have a daddy’s boy? Heresponds sweetly, so I play trucks with himfor a few minutes before asking for a kiss andhanding him off to my husband, Lewis.

7AM Everyone is downstairs and eating. Eversince Scarlett has learned to “make breakfast,”she insists on making it for both her and Kai.Looks like she “cooked” waffles this morning.

7:20AM I make hot tea and pry Kai awayfrom TV while trying to wrestle him to puthis shoes on.

7:22AM Gato is upset at his food bowl, andLewis figured out why he was meowing allmorning. All the food has been thrown intohis water dish. Poor little fellow was thirstyafter all!

7:25AM We each take one kid to school, soKai is in my car. He says, “Go through green”or “Stop on red” through every light we pass.I respond to him or else he thinks I didn’t hearhim and repeats it louder the second time.

7:40AM Kiss, hug and hand Kai off to hisfavorite teacher.

7:55AM I’m at work, and check my schedule.I have a meeting with the leadershipcabinet in the library. This is where we discusschanges that might need to happen in orderto improve our campus.

9:20AM Head up to the office to checkemails and see which teachers I will visit withtoday. Looks like a full schedule!

10:15AM Meet with a few teachers about anupcoming project that they are planning todo with their classes.

11:20AM We finalize the lesson design andthen run it by another instructional coachto make sure there are no gaps in thelearning process.

12PM Lunch time! I bring my lunch, usually,unless it is crispito day. Crispito is more orless a fried burrito—think Texas State Fairfood and you’ll get the picture.

1:15PM Attend a department meeting, wherelessons are planned and data is looked atin order to make adjustments to meet theneeds of all learners.

3:30PM Lewis texts me, “Which outfit today?”for Scarlett’s cheer practice. I tell himwhich one and to try not to let her fall asleepin the car on the way over there because shecan be grouchy upon wake-up.

4:05PM Leave school to go and pick up Kai. Ilisten to a podcast on the way to de-stress.

4:20PM Watch Kai through the window andhope that he doesn’t see me. He doesn’t,thank goodness, because the entire class isdoing a cute little dance and song, and he isactually doing the movements!

4:35PM We call Lewis on the way home.“She fell asleep in the car,” he informs me asthey are driving to practice. Not good! I askif he needs me to pick up dinner (since it’sTaco Tuesday) or if he made dinner. Kai hearsme say those magic words and starts saying,“Taco Tuesday” over and over again. Iguess dinner is decided.

5:20PM I check the time because younever want to be stuck in the Taco Tuesdayline with a potty-training 2-year-old.I decide we are good on time and headthrough the drive-thru.

6:03PM Lewis is home, and we dig in aswe catch up on our daily activities.

6:29PM I leave to go pick up Scarlettfrom cheer and let the boys bond.

7:01PM Scarlett is so excited becauseshe got to pick a prize from the treasure
box, which means she got a balloon.She’s blowing the balloon up and lettingit ripple through the air all the way home.

7:28PM Get home and find Kai runningaround half dressed with Dada onhis tail.

7:33PM Lewis catches him, and we bothwrestle him into his PJs.

8PM Kids are in bed. We take turnsreading a book with them. I have Scarletttonight, and I let her try and soundout some words on her own from Petethe Cat. I place Gato in her room andclose the door.

8:15PM Lewis and I are on the couchtrying to decide which show to catch upon. I like that we put the kids down earlyto give us a chance to unwind together.

9:05PM Go upstairs to get ready for bed.

9:35PM We pray together, give eachother a kiss, and lights out.

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