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A Tuesday in the Life of Ali Seay

Ali Seay is a lifelong North Texan, stay-at-home mom, part-time Stitch Fix stylist, and home stager. She’s married to Mark, an engineer, and they live in Argyle with their two boys: Stratton, 3, and Scout, 1.

4:35AM My obnoxious alarm goes off. There’s no snooze option or I’d never get out of bed. I get “dressed” and head to Body Back, a wonderful workout class for mamas.

5AM Arrive at Body Back and begin my workout. I feel particularly tired this morning because I stayed up late binge-watching The Real Housewives. Clearly a terrible decision. I swear I also sweat more than any other human being. Gross.

6:17AM Pull back into the driveway. Surprise! The baby is awake, and even though I put the monitor 2 inches from my husband’s head, he’s still snoozing. I get Scout and we head downstairs for breakfast, his being a bottle and mine being peanut butter toast with bananas and cinnamon — yum. I don’t really drink coffee, but today I pretty much chug an entire mug in under five seconds.

6:45AM We sit down in the living room to play with brother’s cars (what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him) and watch the news. This is really the only time of day that it’s just Scout and me, so I’ve learned to cherish these early mornings.

7:15AM Scout and I load up in the jogger and head out for a walk with some other mamas in the neighborhood. Some of my favorite conversations happen with these ladies.

8:10AM When we get home, Dad is awake and getting Stratton up for the day. I make pancakes for Stratton and ask what he wants to do today. Of course the answer is play trucks and go swimming. Dad heads out the door for some client meetings.

9AM Scout is ready for a nap. Thank God! Teething has been miserable for him. I make another bottle and rock him in his room until he falls asleep. Stratton plays in the living room for a bit while I sit down to work for as long as these boys will let me.

10:48AM Scout is up and Stratton’s ready to get out of the house. Even though we have a pool, the community pool is so much easier when I’m by myself. There’s a huge area just for the smaller kiddos, and Scout and I can sit in the water and watch big brother play. We run into some other friends while we’re there and I get in some good girlfriend time. Win for all of us!

12:05PM The boys are hungry. We buy some pizza at the pool, and the three of us sit on a towel and talk about the big airplanes that fly overhead.

12:45PM The little one has a blowout. I am not prepared for this, so we pack it up and rush home ASAP.

1PM We made it! I hose off the baby in the yard because it’s that bad. We all change clothes, and the boys go down for their afternoon naps.

1:15PM I wish I could take a nap, but it’s off to work I go. I love this part of my day because I get to be creative and make an impact. This is also my time to get things done around the house: I load some laundry, turn on the dishwasher, vacuum (kind of) and tackle one bathroom. Then Scout’s up.

2:20PM Scout has another bottle and we finish tidying up the kitchen. What are we going to eat for dinner? This is a daily struggle, and I despise cooking. Who has time to cook? I’ll worry about it later. We play in the living room and work on waving bye-bye.

3:30PM Stratton is awake and wants to swim. First we make a quick run to Target for more potty training bribery and somehow spend a small fortune. Target has become our go-to for getting out of the house, and I always run into somebody we know.

4:45PM Dad’s home! He swims with the boys while I figure out a dinner plan. I pull up Pinterest — garlic Yukon Gold potatoes and barbecue chicken for the win. The chicken is delish, but the potatoes turn out to be a Pinterest fail. (Seriously, should have been a meme.) Mac and shells to the rescue.

5:50PM Dinnertime. We have to watch some show called Super Truck for the 500th time in order to bribe Stratton to sit still long enough to eat. Pre-kid, judgy me would gasp, but it is what it is.

6:15PM Scout is ready for bed. I put him in his jammies, make a bottle and rock him. He’s asleep instantly. Back downstairs, we watch some random shows on ABC while playing trucks and making pillow forts.

7:30PM Bath time for Stratton. He would stay in there for hours if he could, but we play trucks and read books for about 15 minutes. Then we dry off, and I force him to brush his teeth.

8:01PM Stratton tells Dad goodnight, and I carry him upstairs to bed. He tells me to turn on his noisemaker and lamp. I tell him God has big plans for him, I love him and sweet dreams. He says, “I wuv you, Mama.”

8:10PM I can barely keep my eyes open, but one of my favorite shows is on. I have a glass of peach champagne and relax for a few minutes, which includes checking my email 500 times on my phone. (It’s a problem.)

9:07PM Getting ready for bed. I debate whether to do my whole skin care routine, but since I’m now officially 32, it’s probably more of a necessity than a choice.

9:20PM I crank the AC in our room, turn on the huge box fan by my head, turn off the lamp, double-check that my alarm is set and finally close my eyes. Goodnight, world.