Halloween-Inspired Crafts
Published October 2013
Updated February 14, 2019
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There’s nothing like being a kid in October. The excitement of costumes, candy and trick-or-treating fun is almost too much to bear. This month’s crafts will help ease the anticipation by keeping your child entertained while awaiting the big night. Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween, these projects can be easily modified for your child’s next birthday party.

Click on the image to the left to view photos of all three projects.

Tissue Paper Monsters

1 package tissue paper, pipe cleaners, glue gun, craft paper, scissors, fishing line (optional)

1. Remove the tissue paper from the package. Unfold the stack, but leave the sheets stacked together.

2. Position the stack so that the shorter edge is in front of you. Fold the entire stack of paper accordion-style.

3. Secure the stack in the center using a pipe cleaner.

4. Fluff the monster by gently pulling towards the center where the stack is secured with a pipe cleaner.

5. Grab two pipe cleaners for the arms. Secure one to each side of the fluffed ball. Using your craft paper, cut out mitten or hand shapes. Use your glue gun to secure hands to the ends of the pipe cleaner arms.

6. Use additional craft paper to create a face for your monster. Be creative! Create a silly or scary face. Add bows, hats, ears, mustache, etc.

7. To hang your monster, tie a piece of fishing line to the center pipe cleaner. These would be adorable hanging from a porch on Halloween night!

Party Cone Favors

Dinner plate, 12×12 craft paper, glue gun, garland or trim, ribbon, stickers (optional)

1. Using your dinner plate as a template, trace a semi-circle onto the edge of your craft paper. Cut out the semi-circle. (Each piece of 12×12 craft paper should make two cones.)

2. Cut a wedge from the semi-circle it that is roughly one-third of the total area.

3. Roll the remaining paper into a cone shape and use your glue gun to glue the two side seams together.

4. Attach your holiday garland or trim to the top rim of the cones. You can additionally embellish with stickers, foam shapes or paint.

5. Secure a piece of ribbon to the inside edge of each side of the cone with your glue gun to create a hanging strap. Fill with candy and hang on your neighbors’ doors on Halloween night, or send them home with guests at your child’s next party.

Personalized Trick-or-Treating Pails

Craft pail, decorative trim, glue gun, stick-on letters, 6 10-inch pieces of ribbon, stickers (optional)

1. Use your glue gun to attach decorative trim to the top edge of your craft pail.

2. Next, use stick-on letters to personalize your pail. You could use your child’s name or write a holiday phrase like “Trick or Treat” or “Happy Halloween.”

3. Tie three 10-inch pieces of ribbon to each base of the pail’s handle. Secure with a double knot. Choose colors to complement the season or your child’s costume.

4. Stickers would be a great way for your child to further embellish their personalized pail.

Published October 2013