Rain Boot Planter
Published August 2013
Updated February 14, 2019
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Kids grow almost as fast as springtime flowers. After a few rainy seasons, your child grows out of her adorable rain boots. Instead of throwing them away, you can create your own flower bulb container this fall to add a youthful, whimsical touch to your front porch or backyard next spring. Bulb gardening foundation Dig.Drop.Done shares how you can transform worn-out galoshes into something new.


  • 10 Tete-a-tete daffodil bulbs or 3–5 tulip or daffodil bulbs
  • Rain boot
  • Drill
  • Potting soil
  • Water


1. Drill drainage holes into the bottom of the boot. (Depending on the size of the boot, add 1-3 holes).

2. Add potting soil so it measures 4″ down from top of boot for tete-a-tetes, 6″ for daffodils or tulips.

3. Place bulbs in boot, pointed side facing up.

4. Add more potting soil to just below the top of boot.

5. Water thoroughly.

6. Store in a cool but frost-free place during the winter. Water a few times during the winter.

7. When all signs of frost are gone, you can bring it outside. Once spring arrives, water regularly throughout the growing and flowering season.

Published September 2013