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Cynthia Smoot

If you don’t know … Cynthia Smoot does. She’s got the inside track on Dallas’ social scene and the pictures to prove it. Smoot took her “mommy blog” and transformed it into ohsocynthia.com, a popular lifestyle blog chronicling everything big in the Big D. When she’s not tweeting, she’s running the Gangway Advertising agency with husband Randy and cheering on her 11-year-old son Jackson at one of his lacrosse games. #Howdoesshedoit?

If your son had a career day at school and brought you, how would you describe what you do? My life is very Jekyll and Hyde. I feel like I’m a double agent – I really have two different lives. I’m a marketer by day, a socialite blogger by night. I meet so many people who think what I do for a living is this blog, but I want people to know I own an advertising agency. Blogging is a hobby. I do make a little money off of it, but basically it’s enough to pay for a couple of dresses a month. I don’t know that my son understands what an advertising agency does, so he’d probably talk about my social media work. They call my office the blogosphere. He’ll ask, “Where’s Mom? Is she in the blogosphere?”

How do you maintain such an active social calendar with your son’s activities? I don’t think I could have done this when my son was little, but now he’s transitioning from wanting Mom to being with Dad in that male bonding stage. He’s very active with sports. He has his own interests such as lacrosse or basketball, so at 5:30pm or 6pm he’s gone to practice so it’s like, well, if you’re gonna be gone to practice, I’m gonna run over to this fashion show at Tootsies and I’ll pick you up after. Or when he’s here he’s upstairs playing PlayStation with my husband, and they don’t even know I’m here, so I’ll just run out for an hour. Because I have one child, that allows me a lot of freedom.

Hardest part about what you do? Time management. I’m really a person who wants to do it all. The nice thing is working from home and making my own schedule, so I can be there for my son when I need to be. I don’t have to mold my life to a job. I mold the job to my life.

If you had free time, you would … I never have free time, but if I did I’d be doing what I’m already doing. I love my life and what I do. I can’t imagine having more fun. I’m going to great parties, talking to cool people and seeing interesting parts of our city. I enjoy sharing that with people. If I had a moment to spare, I’d sit on a lacrosse field watching my son.

One of your biggest worries as a parent? He’s at the age where he wants to spread his wings, so letting him get beyond my sight – especially since he’s an only child. Every year on his birthday I ask him, “Do you have to turn another year older?” He’s so anxious to grow up, and I don’t want him to get older. Those teen years are staring in my face, and that’s freaking me out!

Do you ever have moments where you think, “I’m becoming my mother”? Oh, all the time. You hear things coming out of your mouth like, “Because I’m your mother, and I said so.” But for me that’s a wonderful thing, because I had the best mom, so if I can be half the mom she was, I’m gonna be just fine.

When do you “turn off”? There’s no turning off in social media, because Twitter is 24/7, and that’s one of the bad things about working in social media – I’m on call all day and night for my clients.

When or where do you do your best work? I work out of my home for the day. Ninety percent of the time I get my coffee and go into my office and it’s like 1pm and I look up and I’m still in my pajamas, on my third cup of coffee, maybe I had lunch, maybe I should go take a shower, because I need to go pick up my son soon. After being in the corporate world for so long, I love that part of what I do.

You and your husband own Gangway Advertising. What’s it like working with your husband? Some days it’s great. We started off in sales together at the Dallas Observer, so we technically worked together for 10 years, just not side by side. Even though we were working together we worked on totally different things on separate floors. When we talked about doing this agency together, I thought, well, we worked together for 10 years … but that’s a lot different from working together in the same house 20 feet apart. It works because we do different things.

If there were a reality show produced about your life, what would viewers see? I don’t think my life is all that interesting. The one thing about me is that I was one of those kids who didn’t dream about being the rock star – I dreamed about being the background singer. I have been perfectly content being in the background and a part of the entourage. So for me, all of the things happening in Dallas, I can write about them. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure, so now that they’re filming shows here, it’s great! I can cover them and be friends with the casts, but I don’t want to be on the show.

Most helpful mommy advice either given or received? When your children ask you a question, answer it and don’t elaborate. Also, clarify the question.

Biggest splurge? Clothes. I call myself a recessionista, so it’s the thrill of the hunt at vintage or consignment stores. It’s like a treasure hunt.