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Gourmet On-the-Go

How do celeb moms and their families stay so thin and fit? While there are probably many reasons for this, having a personal chef is definitely among them.

Dallas-based delivery service Lifestyle Gourmet gives you all the benefits of a chef, without the huge costs and having a stranger in your kitchen.

Lifestyle Gourmet is offering a new “Dinners Only” option that’s just perfect for families on the go. Just set up an online account, and you can choose your (delicious-looking) menu options for each day of the week. Oh, and you are only committed to three days a week — perfect for ever-unpredictable schedules.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your family’s meals are healthy (you choose 400 or 600-calorie portions) and they don’t cost a fortune. Dinners are $14.50 per person (adults) and there’s no tipping or delivery charge.

So long, drive-through! Dinner is served.