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Sanctuary: Sara Booker

    For Sara Booker, mom of two adopted Russian boys, Jacob and Matthew, home is about comfort and classics, which is the epitome of her personal sanctuary — the kitchen. Whether it’s reading the morning newspaper (often fighting for the sports pages with her husband) or the latest Rachael Ray recipe, this is where the former Rosewood Corporation executive with an MBA from SMU goes to retreat (and proudly admits that she doesn’t’ even bring her computer in there).

    After moving into their current abode in 2000, Booker and her husband, Scott, have gone through three remodels, changing out the floors, countertops and backsplash for warm colors that carry on throughout the house. So what’s the inspiration for the cozy kitchen? The first true piece of art that Booker and her husband purchased: a painting with beams of sunlight that typifies the warmness that emanates throughout their home.

    Booker admits that her new life as a stay-at-home mom allows time for things such as helping out with the school auction and planning the Christmas program. Even though she fills her time well, Booker offers, “Now that I’ve quit [work], I try to cook more,” but she says, “I’m no Martha Stewart.”