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18 Dallas-Fort Worth-Based Businesses Catering to New Moms


A Doula on the Go
Though Valerie Ybarra, a certified postpartum doula, primarily provides newborn care and postpartum services like breastfeeding help, she also supports new parents by delivering groceries, preparing meals and shopping for newborn essentials like clothes, diapers, gear, etc. Be sure to ask about the new mommy massage too.
Cost: Starts at $28–$35 per hour.
When: By appointment
Where: Dallas-Fort Worth area


Infant House
Owner Jack Smith installs top-of-the-line child safety products like safety straps and magnetic cabinet keys to keep potential dangers out of the reach of little hands. After an hourlong in-home consultation, parents can choose from a selection of the best proofing products, including Smith’s own invention, the Glide LOK, a child-proof door latch to prevent pinched fingers. Phone estimates available for free.
Cost: $100 consultation fee; installation prices vary.
When: By appointment
Where: Dallas-Fort Worth area

Baby Safe Homes
Professional safety consultants complete a walk-through of your home, create an itemized list of suggested fixes, prepare an estimate, and expertly install child safety products like No Holes banister kits, baby gates and self-closing electrical outlets — all in one day.
Cost: $99–$250 plus the cost of materials.
When: By appointment
Where: Dallas-Fort Worth area 972/325-6777


Sweet Dreams Infant Care
Sweet Dreams puts an end to sleepless nights by implementing customized sleep training plans designed by co-founder and registered nurse Pam Jones. After Mom submits a three-day log of baby’s activities, Jones analyzes the child’s habits, prepares a sleep routine and teaches parents to put the plan into action during a three-day phone consult. For moms who want extra support, Pam will send a registered nurse and sleep training-certified night nurse to stay over for up to seven nights.
Cost: $300 phone consult; $550 12-hour overnight sleep training.
When: By appointment
Where: Dallas-Fort Worth area

Gibson Newborn Services
Cortney Gibson, a certified newborn care specialist, parent educator and family sleep consultant, has helped deprived parents and babies sleep through the night since 1997 by teaching gentle sleep training solutions. With education in maternity and child sleep, infant mental health and sleep conditioning, she continues to support new parents through phone and email packages and hourly, overnight or 24/7 in-home consultations.
Cost: Packages start at $90 per hour.
When: By appointment
Where: Dallas-Fort Worth area

Gentle Sleep Training
Postpartum doula Sarah Knapp offers personalized sleep plans to help baby sleep through the night and nap during the day. After a one- to two-hour initial sleep consultation, Knapp will customize a sleep plan that suits your family, then coach you for the next 2–4 weeks via phone or email (or both, if you opt for the Comprehensive Package) as you form healthy snooze routines. She will never encourage you to let junior “cry it out” (but be prepared to face a few sleep-training tears).
Cost: Packages start at $100.
When: By appointment
Where: Dallas area

Newborn Nightingales
Founder and CEO Melissa O’Neill, RNC, sends registered nurses to soothe babes as early as 2 weeks old (and parents) in need of sleep. The Nightingale will spend 2–3 hours in your home conducting a sleep environment evaluation, demonstrating newborn care techniques like how to swaddle, clip fingernails, diaper, bathe and clear nasal passages properly and walking you through O’Neill’s recommended nighttime routine. After placing baby down for a nap, the Nightingale will answer all your newborn questions including daytime/nighttime schedule and how to work on stretching nighttime sleep. Parents can opt for a phone or email consult package instead; all packages include six months of unlimited email support.
Cost: Packages start at $150; in-home consult package, $425.
When: By appointment
Where: Dallas-Fort Worth area

Safe and Sound with Carla Harvey
Newborn care specialist Carla Harvey’s sleep training technique encourages babies to self-soothe and sleep for longer stretches. As a medical assistant, certified nurse assistant and longtime nanny, Harvey has experience with singletons, multiples, preemies and children with various health issues. She will bring her expertise to your house for an overnight visit to comfort baby and educate Mom and Dad, or provide overnight newborn nanny care so you can catch up on some much-needed ZZZs.
Cost: Sleep training starts at $15 per hour.
When: By appointment
Where: Dallas-Fort Worth area


Freshology’s New Mom program packs nutrient-rich ingredients into a meal plan for nursing mommies. Each day comprises three meals, three snacks and dessert totaling 1,800- to 2,000- calories of the freshest and healthiest ingredients that nursing moms need (and the flexibility to exclude anything you don’t want, like fish, shellfish, red meat and more). Meals are delivered to your door twice a week.
Cost: One-person subscription plans cost $47.95 per day for four weeks of meals; $49.95 per day for three weeks; $54.95 per day for two weeks.
When: Meals arrive Wednesday and Friday
Where: Dallas-Fort Worth area

Lifestyle Meals
Local chef Chris Sieffert prepares a rotating schedule of low-sodium, low-sugar, super nutritious meals for each of Lifestyle Meal’s plans, all singly portioned (with the exception of the Couples Package) and delivered to your door. Moms who want to shed the pregnancy pounds without sacrificing taste or nutrition can sign up for the one-month Results Program to receive portion-controlled, customized entrees.
Cost: Prices vary per plan; “Try Me” program is $89/person and $159 for a couple.
When: Delivered weekly (Sunday or Monday)
Where: Dallas and Collin counties

For mommies who want to lose the baby weight, Diet-to-Go offers dietitian-approved meal plans designed for healthy weight loss and weight management. Choose the plan that best suits you: Balance, for calorie-controlled meals that help dieters attain their weight-loss goals; Balance-Diabetes, for carb-controlled meals that follow the American Diabetes Association’s guidelines for prevention of type 2 diabetes; or Carb30, a low-carb plan for those hoping to lose weight quickly and safely.
Cost: Plans start at $113 per week.
When: Delivered weekly
Where: Nationwide


Lilly & Bella
Two North Texas moms have replaced pouched and pre-packaged baby food with organic, whole ingredients and handcrafted recipes you can whip up at home. Choose from four stages depending on your babe’s development to receive a weekly box of produce and recipes to go with; each stage gives little ones the chance to experience new tastes and textures and try over 30 fruits and veggies.
Cost: Subscriptions start at $26.99 per week.
When: Delivered weekly
Where: Dallas-Fort Worth area