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15 Awesome Older Flicks to Show Your Kids

don’t forget about these favorites from decades past

If the thought of watching Frozen 2 again is leaving you cold, maybe your family should take a trip into the past at movie time. There are plenty of kid-approved flicks that might have dropped off your radar. We huddled with some other moms and came up with a list of favorites from past decades. 

Editor’s Note: Check out Common Sense Media for age recommendations and parent-to-parent commentary on movies, as well as information about any adult references and bad language. 

Shirley Temple films, 1930s. Perhaps some of the themes haven’t aged well, but could she be any cuter? Your little dancers will enjoy Temple’s fancy footwork. Check out Bright Eyes, Baby Take a Bow and more. // Rated G and PG. 

The Wizard of Oz, 1939. Sure, it’s got a permanent place in our culture, but ave your kids actually seen it? I had to repeatedly convince my child to stick around until the movie turned to color, but we made it. // Not rated.

Cinderella, 1950. If your child needs a princess fix, Cinderella is a great choice. // Rated G.

Swiss Family Robinson, 1960. It’s got a lot of adventure, wild animals, pirates and a magical treehouse. // Rated G.

The Parent Trap, 1961. I remember watching this one when I was little. It was a classic then, and it’s a classic now. Our family also enjoyed the 1999 remake. // 1961 version, rated G. 1999 version, rated PG. 

The Music Man, 1962. You can’t go wrong with “Seventy-Six Trombones.” This classic musical is fun for the entire family. // Not rated.

The Incredible Mr. Limpet, 1964. Introduce your kids to Don Knotts! The live-action-slash-animation flick is the actor at his silliest. It brings out a little nostalgia for sure. // Rated G.

The Aristocats, 1970. This one is, well, the cat’s meow. // Rated G.

The Rescuers, 1977. This tale of intrepid mice comes recommended by the intrepid 2-year-old son of our creative + content director, Heather. // Rated G.

Annie, 1982. It has music you don’t forget, even if you haven’t seen it in years. The sun will come out … // Rated PG.

Oliver & Company, 1988. Check out the story of a scrappy kitten, inspired by Oliver Twist. //Rated G.

The Land Before Time, 1988. This might have some sadder elements toward the beginning, but the film is a good one for any kiddos who have a passion for dinos. // Rated G.

Home Alone, 1990. My child laughed and laughed as a kid took down the bad guys. // Rated PG. 

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, 1993. One family’s pets take—you guessed it—an incredible journey. My son enjoyed this one, and I love the last scene. It gives you all the feels. // Rated G.

 Babe, 1995. Not just another talking animal movie. That’ll do pig. That’ll do. // Rated G.

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