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Kids valentine's day gift ABC love book

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids (That Aren’t Candy)

from crayons to stickers to love notes

Looking for some fun, cute Valentine’s Day gifts for your kids, but don’t want to resort to the usual chocolate heart boxes? We have some ideas for you!

1. Personalized name crayons, Etsy
These are so cute and useful— and will make your kiddo feel special.

Personalized name crayons
Courtesy of Lauren Everhard Photography

2. Bath bombs, LUSH
Just make sure you get the ones that are glitter-free. Trust us.

3.  Candy heart stickers, Amazon
Now that candy conversation hearts aren’t available anymore, grab some stickers that share the same sweet messages!

Kids valentine gifts candy heart stickers
Courtesy of Amazon

4. ABC Love book, Barnes and Noble or Amazon
Does your little one love books? Get them this sweet book that pairs each letter of the alphabet with words that teach about love and affection. The book is great for the children who still need those thicker pages, and the illustrations are fantastic.

Kids valentine's day gift ABC love book
Courtesy of The Quarto Group

5. Valentine’s themed jigsaw puzzle, Zazzle
Keep the Valentine’s feels going while they work their brains putting together a fun puzzle.

Kids valentine's day gift valentine's puzzle
Courtesy of Zazzle

6. Coloring book, Amazon
This one is great for ages 1–4, with its thick lines, simple patterns and large paper size. Meanwhile this one is perfect for the older bunch (ages 5–12).

Kids valentine's day gifts coloring book
Courtesy of Amazon

7. Skip Hop Zoo backpack or lunch bag, Skip Hop
Give your kid a chance to show off their style while they channel their inner dragon, llama, narwhal or fox!

8. Rocketbook Mini Notebook
Is your child an artist? Give them this dry-erase, cloud-connected notebook! Once their masterpiece is complete, kiddos can send their work to a device for digital storage before creating something new!

Kids valentine's day gift rocketbook mini
Courtesy of Rocketbook

9. Personalized water bottle or juice bottle, Pottery Barn Kids
How about giving them something they can use everyday? Bonus: If it has their name on it, maybe they’re less likely to lose it.

Kids valentine's day gifts pottery barn kids waterbottle
Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

10. Scrunchies, Amazon
For the VSCO girls in your life.

Kids valentine's day gift scrunchies
Courtesy of Amazon

11. Love notes from Mom and Dad
Super easy and a sure hit. Cover your kid’s bedroom door in cutout hearts or various shapes in red and pink, or their favorite colors, with notes about what you love about them.

Kids valentine's day gift love notes
Courtesy of Amazon

12. Personalized message doughnuts, Terry’s Donuts or Funkytown Donuts
Sugary goodness, but make it personal.

Kids valentine's day gifts personalized donuts
Courtesy of Funkytown Donuts

 13. Coloring placemat, Amazon
Are your kids messy eaters? Give them a placemat they can decorate themselves, maybe then they’ll actually use it.

Kids valentine's day gift coloring placemat
Courtesy of Amazon

14. Valentine’s Day pencils, Amazon
These are perfect to take to school. And, if there are enough, share with classmates!

Kids valentine's day gifts valentines pencils
Courtesy of Amazon