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iStock, A field of American flags set up for a Memorial Day parade

12 Ways to Honor Memorial Day With the Kids

From flower donations to patriotic chalk art

Memorial Day is coming up and we all know that it’s more than just another three-day weekend for a backyard barbecue, but a chance to reflect on those who gave their lives in service to our country. If you’re looking for some ways to do that with the kids, we’ve gathered a dozen kid-friendly ways for your family to commemorate the holiday together. Read below for ideas on how to display your national pride, educate your kids about how we honor the fallen, give back to veterans their families, and celebrate life.

1. Read a book about the holiday together, like these 10 picture books and middle grade books.

2. Attend a local Memorial Day ceremony or event, such as Carry the Load’s Dallas Memorial March held May 29–30. Find more events at dfwchild.com/calendar.

3. Pay your respects at a veteran’s cemetery, such as Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery, located at 2000 Mountain Creek Pkwy, Dallas near Mountain Creek Lake, about 15 minutes west of downtown.

4. Create a patriotic chalk art display or decorate your front porch or patio in red, white blue. Leaning toward decorating your driveway or sidewalk? Take some inspiration from Fort Worth chalk artist Jan Riggins and her daughter Olivia.

5. Make an America-themed dessert. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out these four tasty Memorial Day dishes, including red, white and blue fruit popsicles.

6. Teach your kids how to the fly the flag and proper Memorial Day flag etiquette: half-staff from sunrise to noon for those who died in wars, and then full-staff for the rest of the day to honor living veterans and those still fighting for our country.

7. Create a care package with letters, crafts and/or notes for a veteran or active military member.

8. Make a donation to military families through the National Military Family Association or Wounded Warrior Project.

9. Take treats, books or homemade cards to your local veteran’s hospital, like the Dallas VA Medical Center, located at 4500 S Lancaster Road.  (Be sure to check the hospital guidelines for donations.)

10. Get creative with printable Memorial Day coloring pages.

11. Donate flowers through the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation, to be laid on graves at Arlington National Cemetery.

12. Watch the National Memorial Day Concert on Sunday, May 29, at 7pm Central on PBS.

Tell us how you spend Memorial by emailing us at editorial@dfwchild.com.

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