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Monopoly board game for families

12 Great Board Games for All Ages

get creative with family game night

While efforts to entertain children are running pretty low these days, it’s time to spruce up game night. And what better time than now to crack open your cabinet of dusty board games from nights past? We’ve rounded up a few options to keep your kids of all ages entertained for your family game night festivities.

Candy Land // Ages 3+

Who doesn’t remember their Candy Land days? This classic board game is the ultimate pick for families with little ones. Race others to get to King Kandy’s Castle first (with a few sweet spots along the way, of course).

Catan (formerly known as Settlers of Catan) // Ages 8+

This strategy board game is not only fun, but it’s also easy to learn by both young and older children. There’s never a dull moment. From trying to monopolize the wheat industry to trading resources—it’ll become a family favorite. (Keep in mind, this game lasts anywhere between 1–2 hours, so prep accordingly.)

Clue Junior // Ages 5+

There’s nothing quite like Clue. This twist on a family classic leaves the players searching for the suspect who ate the last piece of cake. The board is smaller than the original version and replaces the detective sheet with pictures, so no need to worry about your little ones having a hard time.

Connect Four // Ages 6+

Not only is this game timeless, your kids will love it too. The game is fast and quick, so your family can play multiple rounds without feeling the exhaustion of a longer game. Connect Four tournament anyone?

Jenga // Ages 8+

By now, we’ve probably played a more-than-intense game of Jenga that towers up to 3-feet high. Why not bring the smaller version back to family game night? The strategy is simple: pull out a block without crashing the block stack to win.

Monopoly // Ages 8+

From rags to riches, this board game teaches your kids the ins and outs of money. Players can buy, sell and strategize their way to the top. Like most classic games, there are multiple versions of Monopoly—from Unicorns and Llamas and Monopoly Junior to The Lion King and Avengers. (This game runs long, so if your kiddos lose attention fast, it’s best to pick a different game.)

Pictionary // Ages 8+

Sketch your way to victory with this fun drawing classic. From the art to the guesses, Pictionary is a surefire way to laugh the night away. And it even includes two levels of clues (120 adult clues and 80 junior clues), so everyone can play at their best level.

Scrabble Junior // Ages 5+

There’s a lot of educational value in a game of Scrabble. With Scrabble Junior, the board is reversable: side one gets your kids to match letters to form words, while the other side has them building words (like the typical game of Scrabble).

Sorry! // Ages 6+

Potentially the most intense board game, Sorry! keeps everyone on the edge of their seat as they race to their home without getting sent back from another player. If you have young kids, it’s the perfect game to introduce strategy, basic math and how to play well with others.

The Game of Life // Ages 8+

Choose a life of adventure with your family as you experience all the milestones along the way. It’s quick to set up and easy to play, plus there’s a lot of different versions floating around to fit all interests. (We hear there’s even a Despicable Me version of the game.)

Throw Throw Burrito // Ages 7+

Stow away any antiques and clear some space. This self-described “dodgeball card game” will quickly become your kids number one pick for game night. The adorable game card drawings (spot the Meow Cow and Barky Sharky cards) coupled with the flinging burrito plushies make for a fun and giggly game night. Rack up points by finding as many three-of-a-kinds as you can while dodging the flying burritos.

Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition // Ages 8+

Enjoy a familial spin on the quick-play trivia game as you test your family’s trivia knowledge. With six categories, 600 adult questions and 600 kid questions, the whole family can get smart while they play. It can be played in teams, so if you want the game to be fair, pair children and adults together.

What’s your family’s favorite game to play? Let us know at editorial@dfwchild.com.

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