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12 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Halloween

get creative with spooky season this year

Parents may choose to forego trick-or-treating this Halloween for a myriad of reasons. If you choose to social distance, you’re concerned about safety, or the crowds, strobe lights, or way-too-spooky decorations can be too much for some children. So if regular ol’ trick-or-treating is pretty much a no-go, never fear. Your kids will have no less fun with our roundup of alternative Halloween entertainment, from picnics and fashion shows to pumpkin hunts and movie nights, plus some ways to tweak trick-or-treating if your kids insist on scouting the neighborhood.

Pumpkin patch visits
Check out our ultimate guide to the best pumpkin patches in North Texas, organized by county and details about even more entertainment.

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Trick-or-treat circle
Get a small group together, whether it’s friends or family, and trick-or-treat at those families’ houses. This way, your kiddos will feel like it’s a normal Halloween, but will have a lower risk of getting sick in the process.

In-house trick-or-treating
Similar to the trick-or-treat circle, get a small group together and set up each room in your house as a trick-or-treat station manned by the parents or older siblings. Each room can be decorated and have its own theme.

Trunk-or-treat—on a smaller scale
Get friends or family together to host a smaller version of a trunk-or-treat. Set up your cars along your street or in a public parking lot for the kiddos to collect their candy. Many churches also offer trunk-or-treats, so look up your neighborhood church group to see if they are offering one this year.

Costume fashion show
Get all dressed up in your costumes, throw on some music, create a catwalk and have fun strutting your stuff.

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Halloween-inspired neighborhood parade
Get creative and decorate your car in its own “costume.” Drive around your neighborhood to admire the fun and spooky Halloween decorations, and bring a bag of candy for munching during the ride.

A fall picnic—but in costume
Stick with just the family or get a small group together and go to a park or restaurant, all in costume! It would be fun for you and all the people who see you.

Spooky movie night in your backyard
Set up a drive-in-style theater in your backyard and put on your favorite spooky movie. Go all out with popcorn and some decorations.

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Jack-o’-lantern or pumpkin decorating party
Keep it in the family or get a small group together to create jack-o’-lanterns or decorate pumpkins (think paint, googly eyes, hats, feather boas, etc.). Maybe make it a friendly competition! Who made the scariest? The funniest? The most creative? Check out DFWChild on Pinterest for easy Halloween ideas.

Harvest festival games
Set up your backyard with festival-like events, such as bobbing for apples, guessing how many candy corn pieces are in a jar, and a cake walk.

Halloween pumpkin hunt
Think Easter egg hunt, but with small pumpkins! Do this at home, in the backyard, at park—opportunities abound!

Make Hallo-treats
Make pumpkin-shaped cookies or cupcakes with Oreo cookies made into batwings. Check out DFWChild on Pinterest for more easy treats and Halloween ideas.

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