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10 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

from leprechaun binoculars to a pot o' gold

Top o’ the morning to ya! St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, so why not celebrate with the family by creating some fun crafts?

Check out some of our favorite St. Paddy’s Day crafts for kids here.

Handprint Leprechaun

All you need is some paint, paper and your child’s hand. Trace your kiddo’s hand on the paper, cut it out and paint on the leprechaun’s face with the fingers being used as his beard. Use additional paper to create his top hat, then you can glue it on. This can be a standalone craft, or you can make it into a card that your child can give someone.

Paper Shamrock

This craft might be geared a bit more toward your older kids, but anyone can have fun with this project. Grab some green cardstock or construction paper, scissors and stapler. Follow the instructions from the link, and ta da! You have a new decoration for your living room, kid’s bedroom door or wherever you like!

Bell Pepper Paint Shamrocks

We love this craft idea. It’s so fun and unique—and can even be a little messy! What you’ll need: a bell pepper (or two, depending on how many people are making the craft), a knife, a piece or two of construction paper (preferably green or white) and a paintbrush. Click on the link above to see examples of the finished product.

Leprechaun Binoculars

Is your child trying to spot a leprechaun? They might get lucky with these. Grab a few toilet paper rolls, paint, stickers, pom poms (basically anything you want to decorate them with), glue and some string. Follow the directions from the link to create the perfect pair of “leprechaun lookers.”

Hanging Rainbow with Pot of Gold

It can’t be St. Patrick’s Day without a pot of gold, right? Grab some construction paper, scissors, glue and stapler to create a rainbow chain link that ends in a pot of gold. Hang your creation as decoration in your house for the holiday!

Fingerpaint Rainbow

Another rainbow craft idea that the kids can get a little messy with: fingerpaint! Grab some red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple finger paint, construction paper (preferably white) and black acrylic paint and gold glitter for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This craft will deserve a good spot in the fridge art gallery.

Popsicle Stick Leprechaun Hat

Easy peasy right here. Use a few popsicle sticks to create adorable leprechaun hats that can double as a magnet if you like. Click on the link above for instructions and examples.

Rainbow Beaded Pipe Cleaner Shamrocks

This is another good craft for older kiddos. Grab some beads and pipe cleaners to make colorful shamrocks. The link has instructions on how to fold the pipe cleaners into the correct shape.

Paper Plate Rainbow

Here’s another cute addition for the fridge art gallery. You’ll need cotton balls, paper plates, construction paper in different colors, scissors and glue. Cut your paper plate in half and glue on the cotton balls to create the cloud the rainbow will stem from. Then cut strips of construction paper that you can either glue or staple to your cloud. Check the link for some fun examples.

Marshmallow Shamrock Stamps

Ever think you could use marshmallows to create shamrocks? You can! Grab some jumbo marshmallows, green paint and some white construction paper. Dip the marshmallows in the green paint and stamp them on your paper to form a shamrock shape. (Just make sure your littles don’t try to eat the marshmallows afterward…)

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with your kids? Do you have other crafts you like to make with them? Tell us at editorial@dfwhild.com.

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