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Pregnant woman taking care of her stretch marks

10 Products to Prevent & Reduce Pregnancy Stretch Marks

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When that baby bump is growing, your skin obviously stretches. It can also get very dry, sensitive and even itchy. So what are some products that you can use to help with the itch, the dryness and possibly prevent those intense tiger stripes?

Well, here you go!

Fearless Mama Belly Butter, Skin and Senses

This butter has some solid reviews. You can order it with or without a scent (bonus for you soon-to-be mamas out there with sensitive noses) and is all-natural and organic. It’s not sticky and has that wonderful Vitamin E that basically makes the butter melt into your skin. The anti-inflammatory properties help promote hydration, promote skin elasticity and nourish your skin to help fade scars. It’s even good for when you’re not preggo, as it can aid with eczema, psoriasis and keratosis pilaris as well. Good for all skin types. // $34

Stretch Mark Vanishing Cream, Mommy Knows Best

This cream is great for postpartum. Reviewers say it has a nice, creamy texture and goes on without feeling too sticky or greasy. The minty scent is not overpowering, but it might still bother sensitive noses. The cream contains Vitamin E, cocoa, jojoba and shea butter—which work to relieve itchiness, redness and reduce the appearance of scars. // $17.99

Hatch Belly Oil

Oils can work wonders, but they can be messy. Enter the Hatch Belly Oil that is fast-absorbing and uses plant-based ingredients (such as almond oil and calendula) to fight itchy, tight skin. Use it 2–3 times a day without worrying about waste, as it includes an easy-to-use dropper that will give you just the right amount. // $58

Pregnant Belly Salve, Motherlove

From the highly recommended brand Motherlove, this salve is great for relieving that belly itch. But you don’t have to stop there. You can use it on your breasts and hips too. The salve includes apricot oil, beeswax, shea butter, marshmallow root, rosehips, lavender flower and more certified organic ingredients. Don’t worry, the smell isn’t overwhelming. // $17.95

Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks, The Spoiled Mama

This butter with over 700 positive reviews is another great option to consider to minimize stretch marks. The vegan, organic and toxin-free butter has an orange, chocolate scent and is made with 11 organic oils plus cocoa butter for a lush, hydrating feel. This will also help reduce the appearance of C-section scars after pregnancy and is good for sunburns or generally stressed-out skin. Comes in 4 oz. or 8 oz. Bundle it with the stretch mark oil, sugar scrub and remodel serum for the perfect stretch mark prevention kit. // 4 oz. for $41; 8 oz. for $65

ReModel Serum, The Spoiled Mama

Speaking of the remodel serum, here it is! This OB/GYN-approved serum contains retinol, hyaluronic acid and wheat germ oil to fade marks while boosting skin elasticity. The serum is safe to use during pregnancy and postpartum. Bonus: Since it’s a serum and not an oil, it dries quickly so there’s no need to wait to put on clothes after application. // Regularly $68, on sale for $42

Hatch Belly Mask

Love those sheet masks for an at-home mini facial? Now you can get the same thing for your belly! Call it a belly facial! This mask contains aloe vera and propolis (an antioxidant produced from honey bees) and is available in a one-pack or four-pack. Plus, they’re allergy tested, free of any parabens, dyes and fragrance and work during all stages of pregnancy. Excess serum leftover? Rub it into the hips or breasts! // $12 for one; Belly Fix pack of 4 for $42

Clarify Exfoliator, Skin and Senses

Part of the Skin and Senses pregnancy collection, this exfoliator gets rid of the dead skin hanging out on the bump to reveal radiant skin below. The exfoliator includes grapeseed oil (fights inflammation), apricot kernel oil (firms and tightens the skin, also soothing for eczema) and Vitamin E (giving your skin that glow). This is available to two scents; so if you have a sensitive nose, this may not be for you. Good for all skin types. // $29, or get the Butter and Exfoliator combo for $59

Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks, Palmer’s

Two words: hypoallergenic and affordable. Oh, and it’s loaded with cocoa butter (huge plus!). This lotion is incredibly hydrating but doesn’t go on too thick (hence its popularity). The bottle even comes with an easy-to-use hand pump too. // Regularly $10; on sale for $5.19

Pregnant Belly Oil, Motherlove

Another Motherlove favorite, this apricot and herb-infused oil helps prevent stretch marks by keeping your bump nice and moisturized. This product is also one you don’t have to use just on your belly—feel free to use it all over. Just remember though, it is an oil, so allow time for it to dry before putting clothes on. // $19.95

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