• What You Need To Know
    Restoring microbial balance may alleviate some of autism’s behavioral symptoms.
  • Founder and CEO of Especially Needed
    When she’s not working as a senior property manager for Lincoln Harris CSG, she’s caring for her daughters or pouring herself into her passion project, Especially Needed.
  • Small changes may help kids with special needs get some much needed shut-eye
    Research shows that trouble staying asleep or frequent night wakings is the No. 1 sleep issue for kids with special needs.
  • Programs that let your child get into the game
    Kids with special needs who play sports or engage in recreational activities are more confident, have better overall fitness and experience an enhanced feeling of well-being.
  • 6 Tips for Maximizing Your Alone Time
    All moms, but especially those with children with special needs must take time alone, time to meditate or de-stress.
  • The frequency of sensory-friendly showings and the variety of what theaters offer has broadened, making them more accessible to more families.
  • From music classes to martial arts classes, we've rounded up the best options to keep your kid with special needs occupied this fall.
  • Chad Kleis works from home so he can spend more time with his boys — Hudson, 8, and Hunter, 10 —
and so that he has more time to broaden the reach of Hunter’s Autism Specials, a nonprofit resource that he founded in 2013.
  • Our database of special needs resources in DFW
    Looking for a support group, respite care, therapy or evaluation services? Search our directory of local special needs resources to find just what you need in any of those categories and many more. Narrow your search by service, condition and/or county.
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