Flu Review

By Jenny Vitucci

Flu season is well underway! The Center for Disease Control details the best ways to protect against the flu, such as the annual influenza vaccine. The vaccine protects against H1N1, H3N2 and influenza B virus. Fortunately, many drug store and store pharmacies in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex offer flu vaccines. Visit the Texas Department of State Health Services website to find locations that offer the vaccine near you. Additionally, see The Center for Disease Control's guidelines on symptoms to look for to distinguish whether your child has a cold or the flu. 

Call the pediatrician for:

Sore Throat
Runny/stuffy nose
Body aches
Unusual fatigue

Seek emergency medical help for:

Bluish/grayish skin color
Severe irritability
Fast or labored breathing
Severe vomiting
No tears when crying
Extreme dehydration

For a comprehensive list of parenting resources for the DFW area, visit www.dfweverythingfamily.com.

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