A Doggy Dilemma

By Carrie Steingruber

If your kids’ wish lists don’t include a puppy, we envy you. The holidays put big pressure on parents to finally buy that family dog the little ones have been begging for. But the whole puppy-popping-out-of-a-gift-box? Don’t do that, say DFW-area dog professionals. “Six weeks after Christmas is our busiest time of year,” explains Patti Castleberry, who manages intakes and adoptions for Lone Star Labrador Rescue. That’s when all the canine impulse-buys find themselves homeless again. Parents rush to put a cute puppy under the tree without doing their due diligence first, and neither puppy nor family is prepared for their new life together. 
So before you buy that doggy in the window, do your research to find out which breed and age of dog may best fit your family’s lifestyle. To give you an idea, we polled a panel of local dog experts to get their picks for different types of families. This quiz is just the start: Make sure you do your homework before bringing Lassie home (sans wrapping paper, please).

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