• Samatha Davies spills on motherhood
    The self-professed science geek talks about the event that piqued her interest in meteorology, what it's like going from one child to two and what time she wakes up in the morning (it's beyond early!). 
  • The tech entrepreneur talks kids, rewardStyle, her faith and working with her husband.
    Read about the Dallas mom who, along with her husband Baxter, made shopping your Instagram feed possible.
  • The Dallas mom talks timeless kids clothes, having two boys while being a girlie girl and saying no.
    Kari Kloewer is a busy woman. Besides being a mom to two boys, showing houses as a realtor in the daytime, Kari is expanding her digital passion-project, Jojo Mommy, into a brick-and-mortar reality at Madre in Dallas. 
  • Beauty Entrepreneur
    A model and CEO/President of the successful beauty company she co-founded, Jamie O' Banion shares a love of science with her kids.
  • Founder of GAIA Empowered Women
    Long before Paula Minnis was founder of GAIA Empowered Women or a busy mom of four, she was making a name for herself in the fashion industry. 
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