Confessions: Mommy Fails / Broken promises, public urination and other true stories

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April 24, 2017
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“I had taken my 2-year-old to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science with another friend and her son. After putting my son in the car—but before buckling him in—I stood there chatting with the other mom. After about 10 minutes, I opened the door to strap my son in and saw that he had found my pink Sharpie and colored the seats, the steering wheel and the windows.” —Martha, Dallas
“I thought it was a right of passage for a little boy to go tee tee outside in the bushes. So I let him do it a couple of times in our backyard. One day, while I was talking to our neighbor in the front yard, he decided to drop trouser and pee right there. —Natalie, Dallas
“My 9-year-old twins got a swingset for Christmas, and I think I’ve promised them every weekend we would put it together. Well, I just tripped over it (again!) walking through the front door.” —Kristy, Fort Worth
“My daughter was 17 months old when my son was born, and I was so proud of myself when I would get all three of us out the door. But on two separate occasions I came home to find our front door wide open.” —Alex, Dallas
“There was a little doughnuts-and-coffee social at church following one of the services. We had our five children plus our two nieces with us. When we got home, I realized we left one of ours behind.” —Mary, Southlake
“I ran to the bathroom after making my 4-year-old her lunch—eggs and sausage with ketchup to dip. I came back to find her food untouched while she squeezed ketchup into her mouth.” —Jen, Hurst

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