• From baby concierge services to sleep training services, we have all the local services that new moms require. 
  • Little ones — even younger than 12 months — quickly absorb what they hear and see, meaning they can pick up a foreign language or signs if they’re regularly exposed. 
  • For anyone planning to brave the friendly-ish skies with little ones, here’s some tried-and-true advice and must-have items to help you navigate the whole journey, rounded up by local moms who travel a lot.
  • The Rise of Nitrous Oxide for Labor and Delivery
    “Nitrous is becoming more popular,” says Amy Giles, owner and certified nurse-midwife at Allen Birthing Center. “When moms come in for a tour of our center, about half of them ask about nitrous. Even a year ago, we never had that question.” 
  • Apps and websites for when you donít want to leave the house with a screaming baby
    Things that once seemed easy, such as a simple trip to the grocery store, suddenly require so much effort, like timing errands between feedings. Don’t fret — we’ve rounded up a list of apps and websites that let you check everything off your to-do list with just a few taps on the smartphone.
  • A doctor’s prescription is required to purchase the banked milk, so most goes to babies with medical needs — such as the critically ill babies in NICUs.
  • Thousands of local moms have embraced cloth diapers as a convenient, cost-effective and eco-friendlier option. Forget the image in your head of a leaky kid in the soiled rag held together by a large safety pin. Today’s cloth diapers aren’t like the ones our grandmothers used.
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