ABA Therapy

Moses, Nikki, MEd, BCBA

Consulting 4 the Spectrum
Plano, TX

Reader Comments

Nikki Moses is perhaps the kindest, compassionate and knowledgeable provider of ABA therapy to children with severe neuro-developmental disorders. She is caring and committed and makes real differences in the lives of the children she serves and those of there families as well. In a time where high quality and committed ABA therapy is difficult to find, Nikki Moses is the ultimate exception.
-Mara, Frisco

A rare find in ABA therapy, Nikki has her Masters in Education, is a BCBA and an autism specialist.  She not only offers in offIce therapy, but home and school assistance as well. She also offers a specialized summer camp that is amazing! There are not other ABA therapist in this area that can offer what she can. Thanks!
-Genie, Dallas

The center is individual based, professionally run, trailers to the child's needs, innovative and fresh thinking. The therapists and Nikki are always looking for ways to reach the kids and work with them on using their interests. Nikki has an ability like I've never seen to find out why a child is behaving a certain way, how to help them understand it and how to work through it- as well as educating the parents on how to apply at home!
-Lisabeth, Dallas

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