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Camp Guide / 2016

Champions Special Ministries   (2 LOCATIONS)
Dallas Day Camp: The Village Church- Dallas Northway, 3877 Walnut Hill
Dallas, TX 75229

Plano Day Camp: The Village Church, Plano- 5333 Independence Pkwy
Plano, TX 75229

Locations: Dallas & Plano
Length: Full Day
Activities: Our high-energy Day Camps include a variety of exciting activities such as games, crafts, sports instruction, dance classes, worship, prayer, Bible studies, family cookouts and themed dances.
Ages: 6 to 18 years of age
Gender: Coed
Special Needs: Yes

oChampions Special Ministries serves persons with disabilities, their families, and the church through creative, engaging programs and day camps, and helps churches establish relevant ministries to those with Special Needs.


OUR STORY Champions Special Ministries was formed in 2012 to serve Individuals with Special Needs and their families through Day Camps, Day programs, Night of Champions programs, and respite care. Champions Special Ministries also consults with churches that would like to establish relevant programs to serve this community. Alison Gromer, founder of Champions Special Ministries, has a heart for ministry and extensive experience leading a staff of experienced counselors that encourage, teach and demonstrate the unyielding love of Jesus Christ for individuals and families with special needs. Conducting Day Camps in cities throughout the nation, CSM travels to your location, supplies leadership and staff that serve as your partners, and provides an excellent Day Camp program that ministers to individuals and families with special needs in your church and community. We are a compassionate ministry equipped with a caring team of leaders. At every Champions event, the joy of our staff and volunteers shines brightly. This energetic group demonstrates, through their love for children and adults with Special Needs, a true reflection of Christ’s mercy and grace. OUR VISION as Champions Special Ministries is to become a voice that encourages value for those with disabilities, supporting them through excellence in education, training and services. Champions Special Ministries, a national nonprofit ministry, is supported by individual and corporate donations. Champions Special Ministries is located in the heart of the Kansas City metropolitan area. For more info/ or to register for a Texas camp, please visit our website: TEXAS CAMPS: Dallas, TX= June 20-24 **Our Dallas camp serves individuals from 6-28 yrs! Plano, TX= June 27-July 1 **Our Plano camp serves individuals 6 & up! Early Registration Cost= $285 Late Registration Cost= $325 We hope to see you at camp!!


Everyone is welcome at camp! The structure of camp is adapted to our camperís abilities. Our staff and volunteers are professionally trained to not only manage all situations that may arise at camp, but to also celebrate each camperís successes.

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