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Camp Guide / 2017

Masterís Touch School of Music and Performing Arts
629 W. College St.
Grapevine, TX 76051
Phone: 817/488-6903    Fax: 817/488-2674

Locations: Grapevine
Length: Class
Activities: We have Summer Music Camps for ages 3 though Adults! We have Early Childhood Clamp, Piano camps, Drama Camps, Chess, French, Strings, Drum, Guitar and much more! Our Summer Session Runs May 25-July 18. During this time we will have private lessons, summer camps and workshops!
Ages: 3 to 18 years of age
Gender: Coed
Special Needs: Yes

The Master’s Touch has always made it our focus to assemble a faculty and staff of dedicated professionals with a singular goal of providing the best musical instruction possible in a loving and caring atmosphere. We believe that maintaining open lines of communication have been an essential ingredient of our success.


The Master’s Touch School of Music & Performing Arts LLC. 2015 “Bravo” Summer Camps THE BEST WAY TO ASSURE YOUR CAMP WILL HOLD IS TO SIGN UP EARLY!

“Sounds of Moo-sic!” (Ages 3-5) (By March 2015 and must be potty trained) Cost: $135 In this high energy class students will discover music through “Farm-themed animals” Students will enjoy playing music games, puppets, singing and hearing stories all related to life on the farm. Students will learn about matching pitch and keeping rhythm and they will especially enjoy playing the large gathering drum while gaining life skills such as team work, coordination, verbal skills, listening skills & more all in a positive fun environment. The last class will conclude with a class performance. (Ins. K. Kite) June 8-11 9:30-11:00 July 13-16 3:30-5:00

“Jungle Beat” Adventure (Ages 3-5 by March 2015 and must be potty trained) Cost: $135 Students will stomp their feet to the Jungle Beat through mu-sic games, songs, stories, scarf movement, puppets, parachute fun, African Rhythm instruments & Djembe drums! Students will enjoy learning about animals that live in the jungle while gaining life skills such as confidence, creativity, listening skills while socializing with their peers! The last class will conclude with a class performance! (Ins. K. Kite) June 22-25 9:30-11:00 July 6-9 9:30-11:00

“On Stage” Drama & Puppet Camp (Grades K-2) (Fall 2015) Cost: $95 Folk tales will come to life through the use of puppetry and creative vocal expression using drama exercises and drama games. Students will develop characters through creativity & imagination through stories, songs, crafts and being part of a show to be presented on the last day! (Ins. K. Kite) June 29-July 2 9:30-11:30

“Tickle the Keys” Beginning Piano Camp (Grades K -2) (Fall 2015) Cost: $145 Students will be introduced to the piano while learning the names of piano keys and understanding the purpose of a music scale in a fun way. Students will also learn fun music games and rhythm exercises that will help them build a foundation for any musical pursuits. This is a great camp to see if your student might have an interest in group or private piano in the fall. Students will learn fun songs and have a class demonstration on the last day. A great way to see if students might be interested in group or private les-sons. (Ins. K. Kite) June 15-18 11:30-1:30 June 29-July 2 9:30-11:30

“Way Cool Keyboarding 4 Kids” Piano Camp (for beginners or up to 3 months experience) (Grades 3- 6) (Fall 2015) Cost: $ 190 Students will gain beginning experience playing piano in a positive, fun group environment. Students will learn note reading and symbol recognition. They will learn fun songs along with music theory games. You will be amazed what they will learn! Student’s demonstration on last day of class. This is a great way to see if students are ready for group or private piano lessons in the fall. Students will have fun performing with others while learning! (J. Marks) June 29-July 2 12:00-2:45 July 6-9 9:30-12:15 July 13-16 4:00-6:15

“Drum Circle” Camp (Grades K– 4) (Fall 2015) Cost: $100 FUN! Is what this class is all about. Students will enjoy reading basic rhythm charts and playing drum patterns. Stu-dents will use Djembe drums, demo shakers and wood sounds. Drumming has proven to have many benefits including increased concentration & focus and encourages students to listen to each other. Everyone will be a part of a daily performance and parents will enjoy the class demonstration on the last day! (Ins. J. Marks) June 15-18 10:00-11:30

“Rock On” Beginning Guitar Camp (Grades 1-7) (Fall 2015) Cost: $145 In this class students will learn basic guitar chords, explore note reading and gain an appreciation for guitar music. Students will enjoy this positive group environment while learning to play fun popular songs. Last day of class students will demonstrate what they have learned. This is a great class to see if students are ready for private or group guitar lessons. Loaner guitar is available upon request/reservation. (Ins. J. Marks) June 22-25 10:00-12:00 (1st-3rd grade) June 22-25 12:30-2:30 (4th-7th grade) June 29-July 2 9:30-11:30 (1st-3rd grade) July 6-9 1:00-3:00 (4th-7th grade)

“Back to the 50’s” Glee Vocal Camp (Grades 2-7) (Fall 2015) Cost: $175 This camp will focus on stage presence, vocal skills, building confidence, team work through choral arrangements and solo opportunities. Students will learn some great 1950 classics Plus Taylor Swifts song “Shake it Off” This class will bring out the best in each student with a class performance on the last day! (Ins. S. Powell) June 29-July 2 2:30-5:00 July 13-16 12:00-2:30

"Lights! Camera! Action!" Drama Camp (Grades 2-7) (Fall 2015) Cost: $145 During this camp students will participate in theatre games, improve, as well as explore how to develop characters to be presented on stage. Through team work, acting exercises and creativity students will turn a classic story into a play that they will create themselves including props and costumes. No act-ing experience required but students will leave feeling like STARS! Everyone will be part of the performance to be presented on the last day of class. (Ins. S. Powell) June 29-July 2 12:00-2:00 July 13-16 9:30-11:30

“Feel the Rhythm! Feel the Time!” Camp (Grades 4-7) (Fall 2015) Cost: $125 This is a high energy class designed for all instrumentalist including guitar, piano and vocalist to develop their sense of rhythm and timing which is important in any musical pursuit. No experience required. Students will use djembe drums, per-cussion elements and Boom Whackers while learning music notation, dynamics, & how to perform with other musicians in a fun interactive environment. The students will perform a rhythm show on the last day of class. (Ins. J. Box) June 22-25 2:30- 4:30 July 6-9 3:00-5:00

“ARTrageous Adventure" Camp (Grades 1-3 & 4-6) (Fall 2015) Students will learn basic elements of art & enjoy creating pro-jects that cultivate every student’s level of creativity. Students will enjoy socializing while spending time drawing, painting, and creating a collage. They will also have a sketchbook of their own to work in & take home along with their projects at the end of camp. All students will increase their skills & gain confidence in their abilities & art work. Join us for some amazing art making! Supplies Included. (Ins. M. Reeder) June 22-25 10:00-11:45 (1st-3rd grade) Cost: $110 June 22-25 12:15-2:30 (4th-7th grade) Cost: $135 July 6-9 12:30-2:15 (1st-3rd grade) Cost: $110 July 6-9 2:30-4:15 (4th-7th grade) Cost: $135

“Piano Chord Chart Camp” (Students levels 2 & up) Cost: $85 Want to learn how to play piano chords and have fun playing with other students. You will be amazed at the songs you will learn in this class. In this class students will learn to read piano chord charts & build performance skills. (Ins. K. Kite) July 10 & 17 (2 Fridays) 10:00-11:30 Little Fiddlers Violin Camp (Grades 1-6) (Fall 2015) Cost: $145 This camp is for beginner violin students or up to 3 months of lessons. This camp will focus on mastering violin basics such as left hand technique and beginner bowing while learning to play fun, popular fiddle tunes. Students will enjoy learning through music games and activities. Last day of class students will show off their skills through a performance! This is a great class if you think you might have a future violinist or just for fun! Violin is required for camp. Call for violin rental info if needed. (Ins. S. Price) June 22-25 12:00-2:00 July 13-16 10:00-12:00 Intermediate Orchestra String Camp (Experience is Required) Cost: $145 For violin, viola, cello students who have had at least 2 yrs of study. This intensive and exciting orchestra class will focus on developing good tone, attack strokes, following conducting cues, & orchestra bowings. Experienced players will work as section leaders. (Ins. S. Price) July 6-9 12:30-2:30 Chess For Success- Learn While You Play! (Beginners to Intermediate Grades 3-7) Cost: $125 The ultimate game of strategy & conflict has been widely acclaimed as having a positive effect on student develop-ment. Come meet new friends & learn the skills needed to play chess. Students will learn piece movement, endgame, middle game, tactics & strategy. Materials used are US Chess Fed. equipment.
*Private & partner lessons available. (Ins. A. Antonov) June 22-25 10:30-12:30 July 13-17 12:30-2:30 July 6-9 10:00-12:00

“Songwriting Camp” (Grades 3 & up) (Fall 2015) Cost: $110 (Required: 1 year of piano, vocal or guitar private lessons.) Students will learn basic songwriting rules and learn how to write their own songs. Instructor will share songs she has written and students will come away with a song they have written of their own! (Ins. K. Kite) June 22-25 12:00-1:45 “Learn French” Camp (Open to all levels grades 3- 7) Cost: $100 “Apprends le fransais” means learn French and in this camp it will be learned in a fun way! Students will learn fundamentals of the French language including numbers, days of the week, months & day to day phrases. *4 Individual 1 hour private and partner lessons are also available) (Ins. A. Antonov) June 23-25 1:00-2:30 July 13-16 10:30-12:00 Summer Lessons ~ May 25 thru July 18 Summer is a great time to try out 4, 6 or 8 weeks of private music lessons in……... • Piano, voice, guitar, drums, chess, violin. • Morning, afternoon or evening times available. Saturdays too! • Build confidence ~ discipline ~ creativity ~concentration ~ listening skills and keep them sharp & ahead of the class next fall. **Sign up for 1 camp and receive a $5 discount on each additional camp per family. **For any reason the camp does not fill you may be called & asked to select another option. Give someone you love or yourself the gift of Music this summer!


We have teachers with a LOVE for special needs.

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