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Camp Guide / 2016

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden
8525 Garland Road
Dallas, TX 75218
Phone: 214/515-6540    Fax: 214/515-6578

Locations: Dallas
Length: Full Day, Half Day
Activities: Little Critters Campers will have fun exploring a new animal each day in this three-day camp, discovering where they live, learning what they eat and investigating their life cycle. 3 years Creature Feature Go wild about animals in this all time favorite camp. Campers will explore the world of garden creatures, go on nature safaris, build a giant spider web and do other nature-based activities. 4 years to Kindergarten Back to the Future Young STEM scientists will explore the world of dinosaurs, fossils and volcanoes in this action-packed camp. Take part in a dinosaur dig, a volcanic eruption and experiment with rocks and fossils. Each day, they will investigate new and exciting science topics from Earth’s past or future. 4 years to Kindergarten Backyard Bugs Are you crazy about bugs? Campers will investigate the characteristics of insects and metamorphosis, the fascinating world of bees and many more tiny creatures. 4 years to Kindergarten Project: Bug! Love bugs? Campers will investigate the world of tiny creatures, their naturally engineered design and the tricks they use to survive. Come explore the fascinating world of creepy crawlies. 1st and 2nd grade Cool Science Explorations If you are into STEM, this camp is for you! Each day, campers will experience the day as a different scientist exploring the areas of life, earth or physical science. Days will be action-packed with lots of hands-on experiments and activities. 1st to 4th grade The Wondrous World of Wings Explore the fascinating world of flight through this STEM-based camp. Campers will investigate how insects, birds and other living and non-living things are engineered to fly or glide. 3rd and 4th grade Adventure Camp In this camp specially designed for adventurous kids, campers will work in teams to navigate the Arboretum, hike a local nature preserve, and kayak on White Rock Lake. While exploring nature, campers will learn about the environment, science and technology. 5th to 7th grade Outdoor Explorers Get outside and explore the nature in and around the Arboretum in this three-day camp. Bring your sense of excitement for the natural world as we study the land and water for diverse life, useful resources and recreational activities. Campers will learn about science, nature and technology while spending time outside investigating, creating, surveying and kayaking. 8th to 10th grade Quest Camp: Aquatic Come and explore the importance of H2O in this STEM environmental camp. Campers will test water quality, explore watersheds, investigate aquatic creatures, engineer ways to clean or purify our water sources and learn to kayak on White Rock Lake. Full scholarships are available. 6th to 8th grade
Ages: 1 to 16 years of age
Gender: Coed
Special Needs: Yes

Campers will explore nature in Dallas's most beautiful outdoor learning laboratory.


Summer camps, morning and afternoon options from June 6 to August 12, featuring the Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden.


The Dallas Arboretum is wheel chair accessible.

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